Join Team Z

Team Z has a place for everybody!

Joining Team Z is the easy part… we welcome new members of all ages and abilities and we offer the services and support to achieve whatever triathlon goals you might have. From there, it’s on you to commit to whatever your goals might be! To learn more about whether Team Z is right for you, join us for an information session.

Step 1: Sign up!

Get more information on Team Z today! Let us help you achieve your goals through empowering and successful group training for all – no experience necessary!

Step 2: Attend an Information Session

Team Z Information Sessions generally last an hour and are very casual.  The sessions are a broad overview of the services that we provide.

They include “fast facts” about what we do and how we do it, with no commitment or pressure to join.  If you like what you hear at an Information Session and want to join, you will then RSVP to a Kickoff Session.

For our planning purposes, it is helpful when you RSVP ahead of time, but we love drop-ins and encourage you to bring a friend, co-worker, or family member.

To attend an information, just check out the upcoming sessions on our calendar and RSVP by e-mailing

Step 3: Attend a Kickoff Session

Team Z starts new members in small groups 6 or 7 times per year. The small groups help us ensure that our new Z’s know how to navigate all of the services that we provide, appropriately ease into their training plans, connect socially with other team members, and have a coach that is looking out for them.

Making sure new members start off on the right foot in the Team Z program is critical to the members successfully achieving their goals, so the Kickoff Sessions are one of the most important things we do.

Kickoffs don’t make sense without attending an Information Session first. So after you attend an Information Session and decide to join the team, check out our kickoff calendar and RSVP to the kickoff meeting that best fits your schedule by e-mailing

Step 4: Start training with Team Z!

Once you attend a Kickoff Session, you are officially on the team! You will be in our information pipeline regarding clinics, group workouts, races, training plans, and all kinds of other fun stuff!

But we can’t help you if you don’t come… remember, we have folks of ALL abilities, so whatever your background is, you’ll fit right in!