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This Build Week # 1 in Team Z – 11/9-11/15

This Build Week #1 in Team Z – 11/9-11/15  (let me know if you see something fishy).

* Pay Close attention to the M-F workouts as they have changedThis is Build Week #1 – which actually started on Sunday (track).  You did bootcamp on Saturday.  So – no bootcamp on Monday (or run), and No Track on Wed (you did track yesterday).  So Monday of Build Week #1 is OFF.  Wed is a social run.   Tuesday is spin as spin is pin.

In this email:

1.       Why so many events at Fast Track?

2.       Why so many events this coming Sunday?

3.       Overview of M-F events

4.       Look Ahead for Weekend Events?

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Recovery week of September 14 for Team Z

Happy Recovery Week! I know that a few of you have some short work on the bike and run this week – but I’m not shedding a tear that you will have to do these workouts alone. Especially b/c all of you are either racing this weekend or next – the game is afoot!

LONG SWIMS CONTINUE THROUGH THE RECOVERY WEEK.  CHOO CHOO PEOPLE – Tues and Thursday are your last two long swims – next week, you should follow the workout for 25-30 minutes and hop out.  MD people – you have four more long swims (this week, and next).

In other pool-related news, please note:

  • Pool Re-opening:  Chinquapin is re-open this week. Claude Moore is open again this week.  Coach Ed will be there tomorrow just as an fyi.
  • Audrey Moore Still Closed until the 20th


In this email:

  1. Overview of team events for this recovery week
  2. Reminders of boot camps/yoga
  3. Long Swims this week (last for Choo, two more for MD)
  4. Look ahead to weekend – Saturday’s Run Location has changed and is now a Happy Hour. J

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The Week of September 7 – 11 in Team Z

A couple notes before jumping into this week’s schedule:

  • Monday Silver Spring Fairview Park Runs are off until further notice.
  • Pool re-opening:

o   UDC pool is back open

  • Pools Still Closed:

o   Claude Moore Pool is closed until Sept 13.

o   Audrey  Moore Pool is closed until Sept 20.

  • New Pool Closing:

o   Old Keene Mill – closed for the season

o   Chinquapin is closed from Sept 7-11.

o   M-F AM Chinquapin Swims will be held at Cameron St Pool this week

o   No Lunch Time Swims at Chinqupain or Cameron St this week

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The weekend of Sept 5 and 6 for Team Z

Hi all,

Here’s what we’ve got on tap this weekend!

If you are doing Savageman HALF IRON and want to suffer a bit this weekend, please email me and I’ll get you in touch with another person who’d like to suffer.


  • The Saturday Unsupported Cambridge Ride START TIME: 7:30 AM (not 8:00 AM)
  • The Saturday Unsupported Skyline Ride START TIME:  Saturday 8:00 AM

*Unsupported means you should only go if you could normally head out for a 4 or more hour bike ride by yourself in the mountains or the country

**These Unsupported rides are coordinated through me (thank you!) and happening for a specific reason.  I will not be promoting these types of events frequently.

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The week of Aug 31 – Sept 6 in Team Z

Just a few reminders before we get to the meat of this week’s planning message:

*No boot camp at Arlington PRR tonight

**Claude Moore Pool is closed from today until Sept 13.

***Audrey  Moore Pool is closed until Sept 20.

****Long Swims begin this week (extra 30 minutes).

*****There are Changes to this weekend’s group workouts

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The week of Aug 24-Aug 30 in Team Z

Headlining a new point out for those of you who had already voted on event brite for the 120/20 this past weekend – there are now free ticket options for Saturday – please vote on those to indicate preference of Cajun Boil type food stuffs or traditional bbcue (Details below). Please vote as soon as it is convenient – (ALL COME, FAMILY TOO)  YOU DO NOT NEED TO PARTAKE IN THE FOOD/ETC TO COME TO THESE WORKOUTS – SO

  1. PLEASE VOTE ON THE POLL IF WHETHER YOU ARE EATING OR NOT EATING (so we know how far you are riding or running). Please Vote Here on our poll:
  2. PLEASE VOTE ON EVENT BRITE ONLY IF YOU ARE EATING. There are several Free Votes too – to help us plan food better:

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The Weekend of August 8 – 9, 2015

Before we get to this week’s In This Email overview, check out the polls for this weekend and next weekend.  These are important for helping us plan … if you’re not sure whether you’ll be participating, it’s better to vote and not come than it is to not vote and then come.  So, go vote!


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This Weekend in Team Z

Here are the polls for this weekend’s events and for next weekend at Luray.  Please, for our planning, let us know which events you’ll be attending.

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This week in Team Z: July 30 to August 4

CRUSH IT TODAY, TOMORROW, AND THIS WEEKEND – Recovery week is days away. Nations Tri and Patriots are 10 weeks away.  Savageman 11.  Ironman Choo is 12.  IM MD is 13. Subtract every third week for recovery.  Subtract 3-4 for taper.

  • 5 work weeks for Patriots/Nations.
  • 6 for Savageman.
  • 7 for Choo.
  • 8 for Md.

No time to screw around….



  1. Announcements and Updates
  2. Thursday, July 30 and Friday, July 31
  3. Saturday August 1 and Sunday August 2
    1. Saturday Local Group Ride in Patuxent
    2. Saturday Gran Fondo in Culpeper
    3. Sunday Race and/or Group Run in Culpeper
    4. Sunday Local Run at Fletchers Boat House
    5. Sunday Triathlon Race Planning and IM Prep clinic
  4. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday August 3, 4, and 5

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