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Race Report: The Anthem Shamrock Half Marathon

Following is a guest post by Team Zer, Eileen S., who recently completed her first half marathon in Virginia Beach, the Anthem Shamrock Half Marathon.  Way to go, Eileen!  Let this be the first of many happy half marathons!

Kevin and I signed up for the Shamrock Half marathon as our very first half marathon.  We did our best to follow the training plan over the winter, but a number of factors, including the weather, kept us from completing a number of the long runs.  Still, we headed off to Virginia Beach hoping that the training that we were able to do prepared us enough to complete the race.  We spent Saturday cheering on the runners in the 8k race, and then enjoyed the pre-race dinner, met dozens of other Zers, and listened to Alexis’ pep talk.  We were ready.

We set three goals for the race:

  1. Start;
  2. Finish;
  3. Don’t get injured.

Since it was our first half, as long as we finished, we were guaranteed a PR, so neither of us was concerned about time.

We anticipated windy and cold conditions on race morning and were pleasantly surprised when we woke up to perfect running weather – 40s with very little wind.  Score!  We ambled the few blocks from our hotel to the start line, found our corral, and lined up with all the other runners.

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Endless Swimming at the Endurance Athlete Center

Guest post by Dominic Latella, Swim Coach, The Endurance Athlete Center

As a swim coach for the past 10 years, and having been a competitive swimmer throughout high school and college, I’m always looking for new and better ways to instruct stroke development and move forward with physical therapy. Having been through surgery on both of my shoulders, and working one on one with swimmers in the Paralympic Military Program, I know that learning the proper body positioning and stroke techniques are vital to swimmers of all levels and ages. This is the main reason why I am so excited to be able to bring SwimBox to the EAC. SwimBox combines the expertise of trained swim instructors with the technology of an endless pool to bring you the newest and most efficient way to develop proper stroke technique, increased efficiency, and recover from injuries.

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CW-X Conditioning Wear Review

Guest post by Christine Gorby, DPT, ATC, SCS, CEAS, The Endurance Athlete Center

Walking into a sporting goods store can be a little overwhelming given the amount of workout gear available. Each item claiming to absorb sweat more efficiently or help one recover faster or work out more comfortably. I am really intrigued by the CW-X line of clothing. This brand of gear combines methods of kinesiotape (KT) with sweat wicking technology and morphs it into compression clothing for both men and women.


As a physical therapist, I was attracted to this product since I often incorporate kinesiotape into my treatment plans. Kinesiotape is a soft, flexible tape that when applied to the skin helps to facilitate healing and promotes joint and muscle support. Compression garments, on the other hand, can be worn before, during or after work outs and has the research to back up its claim of lessening swelling. Combining the kinesiotaping method into compression clothing seems genius. The manufacturer claims studies even show an improvement in stride and a decrease in overall energy expenditure.
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Injury Insight: Medial Shin Pain (Guest Blog Post from The Endurance Athlete Center)

Guest post by Meg Pezzino, DPT, The Endurance Athlete Center

Shin splints can really put a damper on your run, and your spirit if the pain just won’t quit. Shin pain can often creep into your run unexpectedly and then be a HUGE nuisance to get rid of. Many times it sneaks in with a change of terrain, increase in mileage, or shoe change, but sometimes it seems as though it pops up out of nowhere.

The Scoop on Shin Pain

Shin pain doesn’t necessarily mean you have “shin splints.” Shin splints are actually called medial tibial stress syndrome, and the term is a broad based term that describes that nasty pain that sneaks in between your inner ankle and inner knee. Though many times the pain is just an irritation in the inner leg, pain in the lower leg can actually be caused by several different things.

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Inspiration of the Month: Kevin Takeguchi (Guest post from the Endurance Athlete Center)

Guest post by Kristin Sykes, DPT, The Endurance Athlete Center

This month we are throwing the spotlight on Kevin Takeguchi. Kevin is a member of Team Z , a local triathlon team that was started by Ed Zerkle. What makes Kevin unique is he competes in triathlons even though he has lost the ability to see. He has had multiple brain surgeries that left him with impaired vision. This hasn’t stopped him! Through the encouragement of friends and family he returned to competing and has completed Nations triathlon six years in a row! Now, you may ask how he does this. For the swim and run he is linked to a partner via rope to keep him on track and the bike is completed on a tandem. This is not without mishaps, Kevin tells a story of accidentally running into a man while training at a local track. Initially the man was going to pick a fight until he explained why he’d not seen him. Triathlons require a great level of dedication and perseverance to complete but with impaired vision, it’s taken to a whole other level. Team Z has provided him the environment in which to thrive, with comradery and support that Kevin needs to continue competing.
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