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Team Z takes on the Fat Bet – Triathlon Fitness Across Washington, D.C. Area

From “Granny”

I just checked Fatbet to see if I had time to lose any more weight. Turns out the challenge ended three weeks ago. 


It’s a bit late, I know, but congratulations to all of the participants. It was a long winter’s fight for sure. Whether we posted only once or twice, persisted through a hundred ups and downs or dropped weight like a stone, we all toed the line. And for that we can be proud.

I am curious, though. What was the relationship between rate of weight loss and number of workouts per week? Did those  zigs and zags on some charts reflect irregular workout schedules, nutritional stumbles or both? And what about those who stopped posting? Did they stop losing?

I did. And after much reflection, I decided I stopped losing because February sucked.

Wait, that’s not right. I stopped losing because JANUARY sucked. I started gaining because not only did February totally suck, it brought with it aisles and aisles of little foil-covered chocolate hearts. And which I felt absolutely awful for eating. Until I read one of the promises. “Remind yourself that it’s okay not to be perfect.” Awww. It understands. No dieter is perfect. Another said, “Curl up and take a cat nap!” Who knew confectionery could be so wise? The third read, “It’s OK to not do it at all.” 

Say again? 
“It’s OK to not do it at all.”  Wait. I don’t have to ride in minus 20 degree windchill? “Nope. Swim at Zero dark frikkin early?
 “Uh-uh. Get a couple of miles in on a treadmill?
 “Nope. Not at all!” And it’s OK? “Yep. It’s OK!” Oh I loved these chocolates!! A couple of weeks after that bag was emptied and gone, I found a red foil wrapper tucked in the pocket of my jeans. Smoothing it out on the top of the washer, I read it once again. “It’s OK not to do it all.” Wait. What? “It’s OK not to do it all.” Did it just say –

“It’s OK not to do IT ALL.


Anyone up for another Fatbet?

USA Triathlon Press Release – Paratriathlon effort to include Team Z

Hey folks.  This has been in the works for some time.  And the details are not hammered out, and we do not have any participants yet.  However – we are soo looking forward to this.  The Given Limb foundation provided a $65,000 grant to USA Paratriathlon to engage wounded warriors at Walter Reed, and to get them involved in our sport.

You can read more in the press release Continue reading USA Triathlon Press Release – Paratriathlon effort to include Team Z

Press Release – Team Z Voted Best Triathlon Club of 2012 by Competitor Magazine


Dan Cruz, Manager of Public Relations, Competitor Group

Competitor Magazine Announces Annual “Best of” Winners

The annual reader survey published in the January issue of Competitor recognizes the top stores, events and products for athletes

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Press Release – Competitor Magazine Best Triathlon Club of 2013

Congratulations to all of the Best of Competitor winners!
Every year, we ask our online readers and social media followers from around the country to nominate their favorite races, specialty shops, clubs, charity programs, coaches, products and more. Competitor is pleased to announce the 2013 winners.

Team Z Athletes In the Newz – they Hike Kiliminjaro

Link to Article:

Our sport attracts a wealth of impressive age-group athletes with stories that remind us to keep moving when things get tough. Whether it’s bouncing back from a crash or helping others through triathlon, we’ll share some of our favorite stories here. Have your own story to tell? Email us at

Two self-proclaimed “back of the pack” triathletes, Tracey Ford and Sally Kidd, decided to climb the 19,340-foot Mount Kilimanjaro to raise money for Continue reading Team Z Athletes In the Newz – they Hike Kiliminjaro

Chris Wren in Tri DC

As a fellow member of Team Z, I have known Chris for a few years. The first thing you learn about Chris is what a great guy he is. That is, for as long as you can keep up with him, which isn’t very long. Chris can beat just about anyone on the team at any event. He also happens to be 60 years old. Teammates give Chris a bit of grief about his age, all the while knowing Chris can kick their butts.

If you hang around the team very long, you also notice that Chris never misses a workout. Continue reading Chris Wren in Tri DC

Competitor Magazine article by Jene Shaw


Link to Article:’-day-2-d-c-trail-run-and-yoga-and-swim-oh-my_23879

Follow Triathlete magazine Senior Editor Jené Shaw as she drives cross-country in search of cool triathletes and interesting triathlon-related stuff throughout the nation. Click here to read past Road Trippin’ Triathlete articles.

9 a.m. D.C. Tri Club President Steve Carlson met me for a trail run in Rock Creek Park, a wonderful place that makes you forget you’re training in an urban area. We did an hour loop while talking about the challenges (varying ability levels, mainly volunteer-run) and opportunities (elaborate newbie programs, a new elite team) for his club of more than 1200 members. He mentioned that their usual Sunday morning workouts aren’t attended by a lot of newer athletes, who are a little intimidated of trail running. Hey, I can empathize with that one—you never know when some monster climb or technical downhill will pop up.

12:30 p.m. Started a big day with Team Z. The team is one of those groups you can’t ignore Continue reading Competitor Magazine article by Jene Shaw