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Included are our annual planning discussions (races, etc), Monday Email Reminders, Weekend Email Reminders from the coaches.

OMG – Did you see the weather for this weekend?

Did you see the weather?  High of 70 each day? No rain?  Check out the weekend plans below… please vote on the poll.

This weekend’s Poll, Please Vote:


*Newer or even experienced cyclists who want to…

This is a previously unplanned practical/practice in the parking lot after the Boot Camp at Fast Track on Sunday. See the description below.


Weekend look ahead…

This weekend’s Poll, Please Vote:

Get to the workouts this weekend.  Let’s go.  It’s going to be FANTASTIC WEATHER.  Note that I combined the two cycling clinics on Sunday – please re vote on the poll if needed.  And…I need a volunteer to help me by riding their rig on a trainer…

  1. Important Announcements and Reminders Details – Don’t “not read”…start by clicking on me
  2. Saturday Track Practice:  8:00 AM at W&L High School  Details
  3. Saturday Bike Maintenance Clinic (details):  9:30 AM at W&L High School (following Track)
  4. Sunday Cycling Cycling Etiquette and Safety Clinic (details), and also Technique and Fit Clinic (details):  7:00 AM at Fast Track
  5. Sunday “EPIC” Boot Camp:  9:00 AM at Fast Track Physical Therapy  Details
  6. Sunday 1-2 hour easy ride on the trail: 10:00 AM at Fast Track Physical Therapy  Details
  7. Sunday Bike Lessons.  Clipping in and out, starting and stopping, bike balance drills: 10:00 AM at Fast Track Physical Therapy  Details
  8. Sunday Mountains of Misery Unsupported Ride: 7am from Haymarket Walmart.  Details


Clinics overview:

This weekend’s Poll, Please Vote:

Saturday Bike Maintenance after track – 9:30 at W&L High School. 

OMG – do you know that I had a person who was a little more than a month out from Ironman say to me… “Hey Ed. I have a good idea.  You should have a clinic on how to change a flat tire in case it happens to any of us next month.”  WHAT!  We do these 3-4 times each year.   DO NOT MISS THEM.  Even those who’ve been around a few years.  If you can’t change a flat in under 10 minutes you need to come and practice again.

We will also review general maintenance, safety items, etc.

Sunday AM Cycling Safety, Etiquette, and Intro to Fit and Technique.  7 AM at Fast Track just before Boot Camp. 

There are TONS of you that should come to the cycling etiquette clinic Sunday AM before boot camp.  Don’t know what wavy fingers mean?  Don’t know what two fingers on the back of the rider in front of you means?  What’s the difference between a fist down by the riders side vs an open palm?

WHAT YOU LEARN IS IMPORTANT TO YOUR TEAMMATES.   When you don’t know the rules, your uneducated (and unintentional) mistakes will not get you hurt.  They will cause someone else to get hurt.  

Also – if you have never been coached in cycling – you will be so surprised what you can learn in my “intro to technique” class.  This is a lecture – don’t need to be nervous or bring your bike for this one.

Unplanned Clinic – Cycling Practical, starting and stopping, clipping in and out, shifting gears, balance drills and challenges.  

  • review starting, stopping…clipping in and out.
  • practice some bike skills (panic stop, parking lot circles)
  • etc…

I am already planning to work with folks in the Fast Track Parking lot after the boot camp.  Many people will ride easy and for fun.  But anyone who wants to come join us should make it a priority over the ride. I mean it – are you really and truly scared?  Or maybe just completely at a loss for how to use those pedals?

We’ll fix it.


Saturday Group Workouts and Crawfish Boil

Reminder – Planning your Season Clinic (choosing your training plan/races/etc) is at 8:30 AM.  If you attend the 8:30 AM clinic, you can get in your run in when we finish (inside the park).

Details and Directions to Saturday events at Fort Hunt Park (for run, clinic, and boil). Details and Directions for the Sunday Group Ride from Boyce (leave extra time to get there.  It is not our closest ride, but we go there for a reason!)

After the run – the Boil is open to everyone, friends, family, etc.  You can buy tickets at the door – and the raffles are excellent.  There is a massive shelter so if there happens to be weather we are all set and comfortable.

Note the Top Chef meal for 10 – the multiple raffle baskets – moon bounce for kids – dogs welcome (on leash) – hot dogs/other food – beer – soda/etc – and Louisiana Crawfish Boil.  If you don’t like crawfish – try the corn, potato, head of garlic (not joking), and Sausage.

This is a Fundraiser for MS. Kate and Nelson Morse drive the event, fly in the 1,000 pounds of crawfish, and do the cooking on site.

The Boil is at Fort Hunt Park after the run and clinic.  Details on the Boil. 

Team Z General Announcement Email – March 16 2017

In this email:

2017 Kinetic Triathlon (Half and International are close to full). Get in while you can!

The Kinetic Half Iron and International Distance Race is filling up.

  • There are just over 100 spots remaining in the Saturday Kinetic Half Iron AND International.
  • Remember that this year Greg added an international distance to the same day/field as the traditional Saturday Half Iron.
  • It’s the same field limit (800) per day – not 800 for the int and then 800 for the half.  They are added together.
  • There are plenty of spaces in the Sunday Sprint Distance.

Remember that all triathlons are not “focus” or “A” races…   Continue reading 2017 Kinetic Triathlon (Half and International are close to full). Get in while you can!

Reminder for Team Z’s local weekend events/workouts (3/16 and 3/17)

A reminder for the local Team Z workouts this weekend.

I know things are quiet in terms of training for people – but I want to encourage you to make the run, the bike, or both. Just consider it a fun run and ride.  Let it get you outside and loosening up before the big push for the season starts in a few weeks. This weekend’s Poll, Please Vote:

We are looking for 20-25 Zrs for each day.  Friday afternoon we’ll look at the numbers and see where we are.  So, get out there and vote please!

  • If run numbers are decent – Karl and Jen have said they could put a short hash together (fun).
  • Ride numbers need to be decent for us to bring out the staff – the poll is critical.

The weather here is better than at the beach….

  • Saturday run temp (remember, 10 am so sleep in and grab some julio’s after!) – 48-50 degrees with calm winds.
  • Sunday ride temps 40-44.  Way warmer than last weekend!

This weekend’s Poll, Please Vote:


Details in this email for the weekend…

  1. Saturday Group Social/Fun Run (LOCATION AND TIME CHANGED) – 10 am at Uncle Julio’s
  2. Saturday Post Run Grub/HH at Uncle Julio’s 11:00 AM
  3. Sunday Group Ride – 9:00 AM at Poolesville HS – READ THE DIRECTIONS (Speed Traps)
  4. In addition to this email in your “in box”…three additional ways to access Team Z Activity Details and Directions


  1. The Group Run for Saturday: 10:00 AM at Uncle Julio’s in Ballston 
  • When.  10:00 – 11:00 AM
  • Where:  Uncle Julio’s
  • AWOL/Workout Leads: Kathy, Jen and Karl, Kyla

This weekend’s Poll, Please Vote:


  1. Saturday Post Run Grub/HH: 11:00 AM at Uncle Julio’s in Ballston 
  • When.  11:00 AM
  • Where:  Uncle Julio’s
  • AWOL/Workout Leads: Kathy, Jen and Karl, Kyla

This weekend’s Poll, Please Vote:


  1.  The Group Ride for Sunday: 9:00 AM at Poolesville High School
  • When:  9-12:00 AM, Sunday – noon is hard stop.
  • Where: Poolesville High School
  • Awol: Linda
  • Ride Leader: Dona Sumption, Jodie Hofacre
  • Sag Driver: Sara Greene, Misha
  • Cue Sheets: Click on Me
  • Print out the Staff list for Sunday’s Ride: Click on Me

This weekend’s Poll, Please Vote:


  1. In addition to this email in your “in box”…three additional ways to access Team Z Activity Details and Directions

First: Setting your Personal Team Z Home Page to represent Workout Locations and Activities

Second: Finding Information about Team Z Workout Locations or Training Schedules “on the go”.

Third: An archive of this email is captured on our member only website in the Coach Ed’ Communication Mailing List OR Coach’s Comms Blog Post.


Scope it Out: Shamrock important updates/action item

Detailed Post for Shamrock Weekend here.

 In this email:

  1. Local Scope It Out 5k
  2. Shamrock Race – Sunday Yard Arm Cancelled (new info TBA)
  3. Shamrock Sunday Weather and Pre-Race Reminder – BB&T parking lot
  4. Shamrock racers/spectators – please email me answers to the questions
  5. Shamrock racers – please let me know if this Race Roster is not correct 


Those racing the Local Scope it Out 5k – I want to wish each of you the best of luck.  I will be reaching out to you shortly…

Caroline Hemenway, Mike Schauer, Kara Bradach, Kate Hildreth, Luis Reinoso


For Shamrock Race Weekend: The happy hour planned for the Yard House (on Sunday, after the race finish) is cancelled.

  • In my head, I had the start time of the marathon and ½ marathon mixed up (the email is correct).
  • This resulted in my scheduling the happy hour on Sunday to happen before several people on our team would have even finished.  

After I receive your response to the questions at the bottom of this email I will communicate the final/appropriate time/location for the Sunday Post-Shamrock-HH/Grub.


For Shamrock Race Weekend: Sunday Weather and Pre-Race Reminder

You will have some time to wait before the race begins. Weather has improved a bit, temp 40 – 5 am, 45 – 11 am.

  • But wind chill is still at 32 and 36 respectively.
  • You are looking at sustained winds in the 20’s and gusts in the 30’s.

My suggestions (please build your own plan, let me know if you have a good idea I should share):

  • Plan/drop appropriate post-race clothes with the official bag check before you come to Team Z HQ.  This ensures access to what you need as soon as the race is over
  • Pre-race I will have the best shelter I can provide to keep you/family/etc warm (I’ll be there 5:30-8:30).  I will try to have something to nibble on to keep your tank topped off, and some coffee/etc to keep the bones warm.
  • You should have your race gear on or with you, ready to roll when you are at our pre-race HQ.  I would suggest you have ample clothing on top of your race gear to keep you warm as you walk to bag check, to our HQ, and back to the start line/wait for the start.
  • You can wear whatever clothes you like. But plan to have a family/team member take these clothes with them from HQ OR plan to use old clothes and leave them at the start line (they will be donated to charity by the race).


For Shamrock Race Weekend: Spectators and Racers – please answer the questions (send to me – not the entire list please)

  • Please also send me your expected finish time.  I’m going to attempt to track everyone. 😊
  • Please let me know if you think I’m missing someone.
  • Please let me know if you plan to be in town on Sunday after the race (staying until Monday); AND if you would like to come to a later afternoon team HH/Grub (probably 4/4:30, something like that).
  • If you plan to come to the later afternoon Sunday HH/Grub – how many people could be in your party?  I will try to plan something appropriate, and let everyone know when finalized.
  • If you are bringing a fellow Zr that is not racing (or are a Zr that is coming but not racing) – please send me their/your names so I can track (coordinate if necessary)
  • If you are brining family with you that is not racing – please send me their names so I can track and try to be aware – and possibly also coordinate

For Shamrock Race Weekend: Shamrock racers and/or teammates – please let me know if this Race Roster is not correct

2017 Team Z Shamrock Race Weekend

Please make sure to….

Vote on the shamrock race poll.  Please vote on the poll if you have not indicated that you are racing.  Please check (the poll name is long – “are you registered for the …. Va beach shamrock 8k, 13.1, 26.2?”  Please double check.

Get your dinner tickets on Event Brite

Race Website Link

In this email:

  • Weekend Map
  • Weather
  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday
  • Monday

Continue reading 2017 Team Z Shamrock Race Weekend

Cold Weather Marathon? Why a trash bag won’t do the trick.

Veterans – feel free to offer your ideas and suggestions. 

It just took me forever to write this. 

Outlook crashed after you learn to be a warrior so I had to start over.

I do not have the energy to proof read – have fun with this.

I know everyone will learn something.  Like, how can a lady go in a urinal or a Gatorade bottle just like the boys? What is in this very long but worth the read email: 

  1. How to become a WARRIOR: Step 0, Be Prepared.  Watch for updates from the race
  3. You can do this, and you can make it FUN. Are you gathering berries?  OR ARE YOU A WARRIOR?
  4. How to become a WARRIOR: Step 1, Be Prepared.  Be over prepared
  5. How to become a WARRIOR: Step 2, Break it down into reality. THIS IS NOT A BEAUTY CONTEST
  6. How to become a WARRIOR: Step 3, Break it down into reality. You had to go to Good Will anyway….
  7. How to become a WARRIOR: Step 4, Break it down into reality. You know how to run in the cold already
  8. How to become a WARRIOR: Step 5, Break it down into reality.  So maybe it is a LITTLE colder than you are experienced with
  9. How to become a WARRIOR: Step 6, Break it down into reality.  Do you think you won’t have to pee?


  1. Watch for updates from the race

Frankly – I’m very surprised if the race just pretends this is not an issue.  A statement must come out. I don’t expect them to have a solution, but at least a stern warning and suggestions/comments on safety.  (Maybe they have, but I’ve not seen it).

  • At 6 am tomorrow, it will be 24 degrees, sustained winds near 20 with gusts to 25.  Real feel will be 12 degrees. 
  • At 8 pm tonight, it will be 32 with winds sustained in the 20’s and gusts to 40 mph.  Real feel will be 24/25 degrees.

 Sounds like 8pm tonight is a good time to practice your strategy to me.



What Kyla et al are really asking about is, “How am I going to survive getting from my car to the race start and being stuck in my coral, for potentially up 2 or more hours.  I’ve run in cold weather, but I assume standing around 12 degree temps with wind for hours on end might be a different subject all together”.

And she is right to be focusing on this. Your head is not in the game if a plan is not in play….

This weather AND your situation is the real deal.

  • Race strategy for clothing is one thing (trash bag is in the mix here).
  • But strategy for walking slowly (from parking to race start) and standing around doing nothing for 1-2 or more hours in 12-degree weather (with wind – which is worse) is something to be taken more seriously.

Good thing everyone has a trash bag! Those with Hefty bags are going to crush others who only have garden variety kitchen bags”

Yes, that was smart ass.  But you are talking to a guy that has (for 10 years) made a living out of standing around in one spot in weather like this while watching people run in circles.  Granted – I’m a cold wimp.  But I can guarantee you that even the toughest of you will find that running gear and a trash bag are not going to help you conquer the hours pre-race when you are not generating your own heat.


  1. You can do this, and you can make it FUN. Are you gathering berries?  OR ARE YOU A WARRIOR?

Guys, it’s time to “Get busy TRI-ing…. or get busy Crying.”

First, since we are one huge family we are going to do everything we can to support each other. That includes bringing our positive outlook and energy – and leaving the negative at home!   As racers, spectators, teammates, and friends: As of right now we are committing that we will smile from sun up to sun down.  We are going to start talking about how awesome this race is going to be.  The extra challenges make it more inspiring and exciting!

Those of us spectating will be able to say “I was there.”  “Man those guys were studs. I had a blast out there supporting them!”.

Those of you participating are lucky.  You are going to be able to talk about this for years to come.  Those of you racing will say

“That was one of the coolest experiences of my life.  Man – everyone else was freezing.  It was like DC before heat and clothes were invented.  People around me were acting like they were Neanderthals – I heard one say that he had to go out and kill another wildebeest so he could hang a new pelt in his cave’s closet for days just like this.  He was bitching about how he could not remember a colder race, including that torture fest that was the Rocks-to-Iceflow-5k back in 350,000 BC.  So many people were unprepared and they paid the price.  Me? I was a rock.  I had a plan, I executed it.  I took the bull by the horns and I showed mother nature that she only added to the sense of accomplishment by throwing these pathetic weather conditions my way.  I crushed it.  ‘They’ were prepared to gather berries.  I was prepared to hunt for the kill. I was a fricking WARRIOR. 


  1. How to become a WARRIOR: Step 1, Get Your Mind Right

To become Warriors, we will do everything we can to be prepared (and be prepared to support each other).  Here are some of my suggestions to help you deal with the less than ideal race conditions.  Some of you think I’m crazy, maybe even a wus.  But those of you who follow these ideas (or ideas that others share with us) will be lusted after as you sit around smiling and laughing as you are in your corral before the race starts.  This positive attitude will, of course, translate to your experience during the race itself.

Your memories will reflect AWSOMNESS.  Your fiends will say “That sucked”.  You will say “Really?  That was the coolest race of my entire life!” 

To get your mind right, do the following:

  • If you want to pout about it, let’s do it NOW.  Ok, feel better?
  • Accept the fact that it will be windy, dark, and overcast
  • Stop worrying about what you can’t control.
  • Focus on what you can control to win in this situation
  • Repeat the following saying RIGHT NOW.  Continue to repeat this phrase until you believe what you are telling yourself.

“Having accepted that is going to be dark, windy, and colder than hell… I have made a conscious decision to be positive from this point forward.  I will wake up pumped.  I will wake up smiling.  I will wake up ready to CRUSH this day and not let the weather make md do otherwise.  When I hear people complaining around me…I will smile and laugh inwardly. I ‘ll be so damn happy because I know my teammates and I are all relishing this experience BUCAUSE WE ARE PREPARED AND WARM AS A BUG INA RUG.”

To accomplish this, you will need to consider your individual concerns for the weather and build a plan to defeat them.  Accept that this is an AWEOSME OPORTUNITY to learn how to race in less than ideal conditions – and leverage what you learn for the future.


  1. How to become a WARRIOR: Step 1, Be Prepared.  Be over prepared

 Spend a few dollars (or sacrifice a few things) to make this experience something you will look forward to. You have invested enough of yourself in $$ and training that a little bit extra is worth it. Some of my favorite tricks for racing in the chilly weather are below.

Remember that Pre-Race is your biggest issue. You can rely on your body heat and experience training in the cold to get you through the race.  Lets talk about pre-race – and then take anything you learn with you on to the run itself if you choose.

First, Wind is your enemy – you must defeat it.  If you can beat the wind and keep your head, hands, and feet warm pre-race…. then when the gun goes off your body warmth will do the job and you will rock your day.

Pre-Race. Wear your cold weather race gear to the race. If you don’t have a good cold weather running pant or jacket (which usually can also be used for riding)- go to REI (or other) and buy some tonight/today. Or borrow some from your friends.  If you buy them you will use these for years.

Additional items Pre-Race – your goal is to be EXTRA WARM!  Your body uses a ton of energy trying to generate heat (that is calories folks). IF you do the work, the body will save those calories.

What you could bring:

  1. Ski Hat
  2. Gloves
  3. BOOTS
  4. Thick socks
  5. Four wind layers (down, flannel, anything you can find)
  6. Bring extra pairs of hand and foot warmers
  7. When you think you have enough, bring MORE for back up.
  8. Leave it all at the start line when you are ready to race.  Take with you only what you think you will need.

Simple, right?


  1. How to become a WARRIOR: Step 2, Break it down into reality. THIS IS NOT A BEAUTY CONTEST

 How do you carry it from the car and all morning before the race?  How can you do these things without wasting money or throwing away your favorite gear?

  1. Head: An old pair of sweat pants you’ve not worn in a year.  Cut off the legs and tie them in a knot. This is a ski hat.  Anything you can wear on your head that you don’t mind trashing.  Something that will fit under a hoodie
  2. Face – a scarf, tshirt, towel wrapped around your head. I don’t care, bring it.
  3. Hands: Gloves.  Duh.  Your running gloves are for racing – keep those in your pocket (or on).  Old wool socks with a hole in them.  4 pairs of those old cotton socks you have not worn in two years.  1 sock. Then a plastic grocery bag (wind), then another sock to hold it in place. Rubber band over your wrist if needed to keep it all together.  Don’t forget to stuff TWO pairs of hand warmers in each glove.  This is about comfort and no stress, not about an extra .50 you don’t want to waste.
  4. Boots.  Maybe harder – but most of you probably have old one’s you have been meaning to donate to good will anyway.  Carry your running shoes with you and wear the boots and massive socks (or multiple layers of socks) before the race.  No boots?  You are a size 10 shoe.  Buy the $5 slippers at Kmart.  Anything with a bottom to them.  2 pairs of old crappy socks with a trash bag stuffed between (wind, helps keep heat in).  Put a toe warmer below and above your feet. Then the slippers.  The ideas are endless. Really over the top?  Wear your running shoes to walk to the corral or race start – then put on your contraption until the last few minutes.
  5. Outer layers – I’d put $100 on the act that you have at least 10 items of torso gear that you have not worn in years or are ready to donate.  Bam.  Wear all of those and THEN put the trash bag on (wind, heat in).  Get a body warmer (same thing as hand warmers, sold at REI etc).
  6. Hoodie – SOMEWHERE IN THERE IF YOU CAN HAVE A HOODIE THEY ARE HUGE!  Keeping that warmth in from your body to your head.  Defeating the wind…hoodies are magic.


  1. Bring it just in case. I’m serious.
  2. Extra hand warmers or foot warmers (foot warmer will stick where you put them). Do you end up cold in your neck? Stick one on your neck. Your thighs are getting bitten by the wind somehow? Stick a foot warmer inside your layers on your leg.
  3. Extra trash bags or ziplocs or newspaper.  Putting these anywhere will help.  Newspaper inyour torso – its like the best under layer possible.  There is a reason the Pro Riders stuff a paper in their jersey as they descend the high mountains.


  1. 5-gallon bucket and a trash bag.  Make sure there is an extra towel or a crappy old pillow that needs to see the trash (couch pillow, whatever).
  2. When you get to the race and have to “sit around”. The things in the bucket are in a bag.  Even more stuff is in another trash/hefty bag slung over your shoulder.  Flip the bucket over and put the pillow/towel on it and you have a seat.  Everyone else is standing for an hour.  Why you?


  1. Five-gallon bucket is at home depot or lowes.
  2. You don’t have these things you don’t want to use?  ASK YOUR FRIENDS OR FAMILY – $1,000 says you can set yourself up sweet without spending anything


  1. How to become a WARRIOR: Step 3, Break it down into reality. You had to go to Good Will anyway….

Straight forward.  Dump your closet and or dresser.  Take a bag full of things light enough to carry.  What you do not use, you can share with people around you will worship you and talk about you for the rest of your life.  Anything you leave behind at the race start will go to charity anyway.

Lay it all in a pile on the ground and snuggle in it.  I don’t care.  You will be the envy of your Corral.


  1. How to become a WARRIOR: Step 4, Break it down into reality. You know how to run in the cold already

Don’t do anything different than you have in the past.  Don’t wear some new fancy underwear that has wind stop in the front (these are real).  Don’t make that mistake! Stick with what you know.


  1. How to become a WARRIOR: Step 5, Break it down into reality.  So maybe it is a LITTLE colder than you are experienced with

Don’t do anything different than you have in the past.  Don’t wear some new fancy underwear that has wind stop in the front (these are real).  Don’t make that mistake! Stick with what you know.  Except maybe:

  1. Carry an extra pair of thin socks in your jacket.
  2. Carry 3 extra sets of hand warmers or foot warmers in your jacket
  3. Wear the trash bag from pre-race to help you during the race.  Take it off if warm, put it back on if getting cold.
  4. Keep the layers of socks on your hands.  Remove them until you don’t need them, but try not to throw them away if you can carry them.
  5. Duct Tape over your shoes (keep air out of those vents that are actually designed to funnel air IN (to keep your foot cool and dry in the summer))

These are all just ideas.  You must do what is right for you.  If you can swing it – the psychology of having these things is amazing.  Even just “knowing that they are there” in case you need them is super powerful.


  1. How to become a WARRIOR: Step 6, Break it down into reality.  Do you think you won’t have to pee? 

Being in the cold will make this worse, trust me.  Read up on it.  This is no secret.  So what are YOU going to do?  Your plan.  Hold it if you want.  But peeing when you need to (especially before the race) is an awesome feeling.

Ideas.  Not saying they are legal or not embarrassing.  Not saying you should do them if you don’t want.  Not suggesting that you do any of them.  Just saying…

  1.  I’ve seen 1,000 people pee in public at a race start like this.
  2. Boys (see also girls below) – bring a Gatorade jug (anything with a wider top and a screw lid). TAPE IT UP IN ADVANCE SO YOU CAN’T SEE IN IT. That’s good for you and the people around you.  Witnessing the “act” is different than experiencing the product.  Hit the trash can on your way out.  Get it full?  Your call.  Hide around the corner of a building. Cover yourself with a towel, hide behind friends.  Just ideas.
  3. Ladies.  You go girlSami fresh.   Travel John  I have looked quickly – you can find these in stock at REI, Toys are us (think kids and road trips), and Target.  Ladies – don’t forget the Gatorade bottle.

Guys – you can use the lady’s products too…just think about it.  Don’t even have to move, just stand there behind a buddy.  Find the trash.

This weekend’s Poll, Please Vote:

General questions about the week, weekend, triathlon…and any additional curiosities… try emailing the list! The email address is

In this email: THIS EMAIL COVERS BOTH THE WEEK, AND THE WEEKEND (normally they are two separate blog posts/emails)

  1. Important Updates for THIS week (please read!)
  2. Overview and Reminders of M-F workouts for this week
  3.  Saturday Group Run: 9:00-11:00 AM at Arlington Potomac River Running Store (Ballston)
  4. Post Saturday Run Happy Hour/Lunch at Applebees (next door): 11:00 AM
  5. Sunday Group Ride: 9:00-11:00 AM at Bell Haven Marina
  6. In addition to this email in your “in box”…three additional ways to access Team Z Activity Details and Directions

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