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Included are our annual planning discussions (races, etc), Monday Email Reminders, Weekend Email Reminders from the coaches.

The week of Monday, June 6 – Team Z Arlington

YES. RECOVERY WEEK IS NEXT WEEK. So you will NAIL your workouts this week. YOU WILL DO IT, and you will do it because I told you to. And you always do what your coach says, right? Please let me or your mentor know if you need any help…


In this email:

1. Important news and announcements for this week (week of Monday, June 6th 2014).

2. Overview of Events and Activities for this week.

3. Directions to new American University Swim – Starts this Tues/Thurs at 8-9 PM (replaces the Lab School)


1. Important news and announcements for this week.

A. Marymount Masters Swim is to be cancelled at the end of June. The schedule will remain as is until the end of this month. The demands by the University on their pool space has required them to stop our masters swim program on Tues/Thurs from 6:30-7:30 AM.   I know there are a few of you who have been consistent supporters over the years, and they send their thanks and wish us all the best. Maybe someday in the future we can get back there.   Please let me know if you need help picking a new pool/location – but before you do please check out your options here: L4 Swimming Pool Locations
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Weekend of May 30, 2014

What up Team Z! So many choices…scoop of vanilla scoop of chocolate, don’t waste my time!


Vote on our poll to help us plan the weekend.

In this e-mail for activities NOT including the Rock Hall Race Weekend:

  1. Saturday group run – 8:00 AM – Vienna Caboose, Vienna, VA
  2. Sunday group ride – 8:00 AM – Monocacy Middle School, Frederick, MD

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Team Z Arlington – What’s up for the Week of May 19 to May 25


** Welcome New Zs!

*** Hash Run Tonight – PRR Arlington at 6:30 PM (YEAH!).  Never been to one?  We have our own version that is much tamed compared to the infamous hash runs in our area.   You should all come and give this unique run a whirl.  It is a fantastic way to keep a diverse set of running abilities together for a social run (more details below).

We have a recovery week in front of us!  Remember, it is a recovery week and not an off week.  Recovery workouts (easy, shorter distances) are instrumental in getting the blood moving – flushing out the junk and bringing new nutrients and minerals to help your muscles repair themselves from the previous weeks of hard work.

Get them in – even if your 40 minute run ends up being 30 – it is still worth every step!


In this email:

1.  Important Announcements and Reminders for this week

2. Overview of events and activities for this week.

3.  REMINDER FOR SECRET PARKING SPOT FOR MONDAY NIGHT RUNS AND HH’S Continue reading Team Z Arlington – What’s up for the Week of May 19 to May 25