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South Riding Pool Sprint Details

When: Sunday 7AM South Riding Pool Sprint Details – (Please Vote Here)

Race Information (not much here – probably more in race packet provided at packet pickup):

Location: South Riding Center, 42420 Unicorn Drive, South Riding, VA

Team Z has been doing this race for many years. It is a great, local triathlon with strong community support. For you Westies, it is practically in your back yard. This is a small field and a smaller event – while we typically have less people do this race, we still stand out! Hard not too when you are as cool and green as we are!

Please Vote if you are coming to race or cheer at the South Riding Sprint Triathlon on Sunday morning:

Important Details:

Packet Pick-up: Thursday, August 25 5 pm-8 pm; Saturday, August 26 9 am-12 pm (If you are unable to make those times, you may pickup your packet on Sunday morning at 5:45 am.) No one can pick up your packet for you– you have to get your own. Part of packet pick-up includes a mandatory bike and helmet check.  Packet Pickup is located at the South Riding Center – 42420 Unicorn Drive.

The race course is contained within the community on sweet, wide, neibhorhood roads.  They are quiet in terms of cars but you’ll have plenty of people cheering in spots!  The bike course is 12 miles and the run is 3 miles

  • Bike Course Map:
  • Run Course Map:

Race Day Information

5:30 AM Transition Area Opens
6:30 AM Pool Area Opens
6:50 AM Transition Closes
7:00 AM Race Starts

Parking:  From Recollection it is all first come, first served street parking.  We will be there super early to find a place to put our tent without having to carry it!

Of note: The swim is a 400m “snake swim” in the pool. You will swim down the lane on the right side, and then back on the opposite side (just like we do at swim practice!). Once you return to the end of the lane, you duck under the lane line and continue in the next lane.

The Team Z tent will be on the corner of Ulysses and Pelican drive-– right outside transition, and on the start of the bike course. We will have breakfast (think bagels, not pancakes) available before the race. The post race food provided by South Riding is typically very good. We used to be able to set up in the parking lot with one of our smaller trailers and that is no longer allowed.

NOTE:  If we move (the team z tent) – it can’t be far. Look at the race course map.  Either we will be at Unicorn and Pelican or we will be somewhere on the block that surrounds the pool. It won’t be hard to find us, and we’ll be there at 5 am so come as early as you like to get good parking.

Expect that we’ll be there with a Team Z tent, some chairs/bells/etc – as well as light breakfast foods (no grill or cooking). Bagels, fruit, coffee, water/soda. After the race we will break down pretty fast in order to get to the All Hands Run which will end around 10:30. The barbecue starts at 10:15/10:30. I’m hoping you all bring your medals to the Barbecue and join in the celebration.

After you finish – keep an eye out for us as we will be cheering for others.  Grab a bell or just bring yourself from the finish line with your medal to help us cheer on the other finishers.

The weekend of 8/13 and 8/14 in Team Z

*THERE ARE THREE REALLY IMPORTANT CLINICS AVAILABLE TO YOU THIS WEEKEND.  People new to racing, and new to our team – Saturday’s clinics are something you do not want to miss.  The Sunday recovery clinic is new – so there should be a massive number of people in attendance!  Heart Rate Training SHOULD BE PACKED!

Coming to my house this weekend for clinics? SUPER CRITICAL THAT YOU VOTE ON THE POLL PLEASE! All Open Polls – please vote:

I AM HOSTING AN INFORMATION SESSION ON SATURDAY – we don’t have as many of these as we used to.  If you have a friend, co-worker/other whom you’ve spoken with about the team – please email me and I’d be happy to invite them.

All Open Polls – please vote:

Note – ALL workouts are starting earlier than usual for a recovery week due to heat.  Please pay attention to the times below.


In this email:


  • Saturday Group Track Practice:  7:00 AM at George C Marshall High School, Falls Church
  • Saturday “Heart Rate Training Clinic:  1:15 at Coach Ed’s
  • Saturday “Race Strategy, Rules, Transitions…What to expect on a race day” Clinic for newer triathletes:  3:15 PM at Coach Ed’s
  • Libations at both clinics at Coach Ed’s on Saturday
  • Sunday Epic Boot Camp:  7:00 AM at Fast Track Physical Therapy
  • Sunday “Recovery Clinic”:  8:00 AM at Fast Track Physical Therapy
  • Sunday Group Recovery Ride:  9:00 AM at Fast Track Physical Therapy

All Open Polls – please vote:

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Team Z Luray Race Weekend Camping and Grub Details

LURAY IS HERE! The most popular Team Z race of the year!

This race is not until next weekend –but we need to have food information finalized by this Friday in order to allow our partner/vendor to order/purchase food and plan his cook.


We have an event brite up for the Luray Weekend.  The Event Brite will cover both Camping and Food, as well as general participation information (free tickets – like a vote for attending).

Click on me or copy and paste this Event Brite address into your browser:

The race is still open – but will be closing soon.

  • “TeamZ-LT2016-$20off” – This is our discount code that works through August 17 as long as the race does not fill.  It will give you $20.00 off.
  •  If you would like to do a relay leg (any leg you are comfortable with, or any leg that you would like to practice) please contact Jennifer Medina (
  • Its not to late to get in the game!  This is one of the more popular races of the year.  You do not have to race to come and hang out, camp (or not), eat with us, generally get to know the team and enjoy a beautiful park in the Blue Ridge.
  • This race is the Regional Club Championship.  The Championship in no way interferes with the general race. The Luray Sprint Triathlon will operate as normal and is open to all levels. There is no qualification to be a part of the Championship. By simply entering the Luray Sprint Triathlon you will be eligible for the Championship awards. In 2015 we experienced all levels of athletes including many beginners. The Luray Sprint Triathlon will run exactly the same way with all the same categories and awards as with previous years. Short Course Regional Champions will be awarded an additional award by placing first in their age group and top three overall. USA Triathlon will be providing the awards for the Short Course Regional Championship winners. The Short Course Regional Champions will be awarded during the awards ceremony.
  • This race is also the “special qualifier” for 2017 USA Triathlon Nationals. Anyone who finishes in the top 33% of their age-group at Luray will be invited to race at Nationals Next summer.

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2016 Ironman Md Aid Station and Team Z 2017 Ironman and 70.3 A Races

If you and or family members/friends are interested in volunteering for the Team Z Run Aid station at Ironman Maryland on Oct 1 – please hit the following poll:

I’m thinking we’ll do a disco theme with disco costumes, a mirror ball, and Saturday night fever tunes.  We’ll have a line (like the mount/dismount line) and call it “Entering Dance Zone:  Bonus points for wiggling it the best you can”.  You can also vote that you hate my idea – but of course – then you’d have to click on the poll and vote!  J


Our 2017  Ironman (and end of Season 70.3) A races are:

Team Z will race Ironman North Carolina and Ironman Louisville as team races for next year.

Between the two races more than 50% of the votes were cast.  Louisville is not flat, North Carolina is flat.  NC is not the same course as its predecessor “Beach to Battleship” – but it is still in Wilmington NC.  For the first time, Ironman is offering a 70.3 the same weekend and location as the 140.6 for NC.  So – our 2017 70.3 END OF THE SEASON A race will be North Carolina 70.3.  There is another poll up to let everyone show us your interest for next year.  Your vote is not a commitment – it is what you would like to see yourself doing with us at the end of the 2017 season.  You can change your votes on the poll.  You can change your mind 6 months from now.

Please hit the following poll to let us know what you THINK your plans are, or what you’d like them to be for the end of 2017:

If you do not plan to race one of these – please do not vote to skew our results.  There will be other team A race(s) aside from these events – so don’t think you are excluded at the sprint/Olympic or local level.  We will have additional end of season A races – and we will have mid season A races.   We’ve just not picked those races yet.

  • Ironman(the full) NC is on 10/29
  • Ironman 70.3 NC is on 10/28 (or 10/29) – same course (so cool, this will be a sick race weekend for this team)
  • Ironman Louisville has moved the race date back in the season and is now on 10/8/17

We like this result as we will be able to train almost completely as one team, even with the two race dates.  This is way more fun, and – way less stress on our ride leaders, workout leaders, sag drivers – etc.  Combining the 70.3 and 140.6 races on a flat NC course and on the same weekend – this race is a VIRTUAL REALITY FOR EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO IS A MEMBER OF THIS TEAM AS OF TODAY.  Normally we don’t have options shorter than the 140.6.  But with the 70.3 being flat, and more than 14 months away – every single person on this team could set the goal and be ready to race on the same weekend.  Alexis and I are super pumped about this race.  NC had more than 1/3 of the total votes on our Ironman Poll – and with the 70.3 its going to be a Team Z Race to remember.  I’m so looking forward to it.


Please hit the following poll:


Team Z 2016 Rev 3 Williamsburg International or Half Iron Race Weekend Details

Please vote on our poll and purchase the event brite tickets as appropriate (note – no need to buy Saturday Event Brite Dinner Tickets – you will pay on your own at the restaurant).

*Team Z Lunch on race day will include pulled pork, chopped bbcue chicken, smoked mac and cheese as well as the normal burgers/dogs/Chorizo/chicken upon request.

*Team Z Breakfast includes the usual – fruit, pancakes, toasted bagels, baccon, pb/J, instant oatmeal/hot water, coffee, soda cold water, etc.

  • Poll:
  • Event Brite:
  • Athlete Guide (information re: aid stations, packet pickup, and race day Check List, Bike Course Markings etc):

Here we go.  Time to rev, Rev, REV IT UP!  Welcome to the Revolution!  Ready or not, here comes Team Z!  Note – if you have not been paying attention now may be the time.  This is a new course for Rev 3 Williamsburg – we’ve not seen this one before.  The race will start and end at Chickahominy River Front Park.  As the crow flies we are only a mile or two from the swim start/finish last year (when it was a 2 transition race).  The swim course this year actually pulls you out of the larger James River and moves the swim into 50% Chickamoniny River and 50% into Gordon’s Creek.  The bike courses are both one loop, and the run course is 10k for the short course race and 2 loops of the 10k for the half Iron.

*Let me know if you see the need for any corrections on this email.

In this email:

  1. Race weekend itinerary
  2. Saturday Team Dinner/Details
  3. Directions/etc

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Team Z Luray SwimFest and/or training weekend details

A reminder to please vote on the Event Brite by clicking here  or copy and pasting this link into your browser:

This Swim Event and Camping/Team Hang out has registration up until the race start on Saturday.


With race season in full swing, it’s rare to get to do a swim, bike or run on a training week in one location. Well here’s your chance. Luray Fest gives you an opportunity to do an open water swim in a safe environment. This is great for those of you who have little open water swim experience. In addition, you can do your bike or run on the Luray International race course.

Afterwards, you can kick your feet up, chillax and have a cold beverage and lunch with all your awesome Z friends. So what is the best part of coming to Luray Fest? You get to hang out with me, Coach Alexis! You know… The “fun” coach. Coach Ed is fun too, but I’m fun like a Jack Russell Terrier. If that doesn’t convince you to join us in Luray, you’re hopeless.


In this email:

  • Directions to Lake Arrowhead Park
  • Team Z has a shelter reserved
  • Registration for race is still open – though you don’t have to race to come to this group run/ride/workout
  • Saturday Team Z Rough Timeline
  • Rough Plan for Food/Picnic
  • Training on the Run and Bike Course:
  • Brick Workout – Watching your gear in general
  • Camping
  • Showers and Facilities

Directions to Lake Arrowhead Park
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Team Z Syracuse 70.3 Weekend Details

EVENT BRITE FOR SYRACUSE 70.3  or copy and paste this url into your browser:

In this email:

1. Friday Team Dinner if you are in town @ Dominick’s Restaurant – 6PM.
2. Packet Pickup, Race Start and Finish Address
3. Race Morning Instructions for parking, suggestions from RD
4. Saturday Team Timeline
5. Saturday: Noon, Private Meeting and athlete briefing with the Race Director (Team Z only?)
6. Saturday: Team Dinner at Grimaldis at 4:30 PM
8. Sunday Team Timeline
9. Sunday: Post Race Watering Hole for war stories – Dinosaur Barbecue 6:30 PM
10. Rules Summary, Reminders: Ironman Rules are not all the same as USA Triathlon rules
11. I highly suggest you read through all of this. For example – the bike course intructions presents more rules, etc. More information in the Athlete’s Guide Found Here:
12. 2016 70.3 world championship qualifying – new slot allocation/roll down policy

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VTSMTS Rock Hall Races and Team Z Local Race Simulations


EVERYONE – PLEASE VOTE ON Eventbrite!!!! Eventbrite will also function as the weekend poll for all weekend events. We need you guys to fill this out for planning purposes. You guys gotta eat. Right? We must make sure there is enough food to feed all the hungry triathletes racing at Rock Hall!

In this e-mail:

  1. Saturday Brick Workout – 8:00 AM – White’s Ferry, MD
  2. Race weekend meal plan
  3. Saturday Rock Hall International – 8:00 AM – Rock Hall, MD
  4. Sunday Rock Hall Sprint – 9:00 AM – Rock Hall, MD
  5. Rock Hall Directions


Or Click this link, or copy and paste to your browswer


  1. Saturday – Supported and Sagged Group Ride/ Brick Workout @ Whites Ferry, Dickerson MD at 8 AM

This is a beautiful place for a ride and then of course the run.  The run is on the W&OD tow path farther out than most of you have likely ever been.  Super gorgeous and worth the trip.  And yes, there is a real ferry there. The food joint on the MD side of the ferry is supposed to be a secret (“secret”) hang out for retired redskins to watch games.  Cool Joint.  Cool people.

FYI – Leadership for this ride may change, we’ve not confirmed everyone just yet.

  • AWOL: Kris Pachla
  • Ride Leader: Miro Lehky, Dexter Braithwaite
  • Sag Drivers: Linda Dunn, Misha
  • When: 8:00 AM
  • Where: White’s Ferry, Dickerson Maryland
  • Address: 24801 Whites Ferry Road, Dickerson, MD
  • Google Map:

Ride Notes:  Workout requirements for this weekend are: Placid folks should be ride for 3.5 hours followed by a 1 hour run.  ALL of you are welcome to run for 10-15 minutes.  We will use the 17, 20, 34 and 42 mile cue sheets. For the speedy, or those not running – you can do the 42 and the 17 – but that’s where it ends for sagging.  You pick the mileage commiserate with your ability to finish in 3.5 hours.

  • IF YOU WOULD LIKE AN ESCORT FOR THE 17, 20, or the 34– email me please.  We have two ride leaders that are there to teach.  This goes for stronger riders too – if you are faster and go longer but still need help with shifting, etc. – please email me and I’ll make pre introductions!

Contact:  Coach Ed @

Please indicate your intent to participate (or not) by voting on poll for this weekend:


2.  Rock Hall Race weekend meal plan – Dinner is at 6 PM

Please indicate your intent to participate (or not) by voting on poll for this weekend:

  • if we have a sufficient number of Zers joining us for dinner, we will have Italian catered.
  • If not, Friday Dinner will be in Rock Hall, MD at the Pasta Plus Restaurant at 6:00 PM and each person will pay for their own meal.

If we go the catering route, we will have a salad, bread/garlic bread and a meat and a non-meat option for the pasta/sauce.  It will be a red sauce for sure. We will give you a definite answer once the Eventbrite poll closes.   If you pay for Friday dinner via Eventbrite, Coach Ed will either reimburse your $10 dinner fee when he sees you or reimburse you on Monday when he gets home.

  • Saturday and Sunday breakfasts are status quo – fresh coffee, water, assorted fruits, toasted bagels/English muffins, pancakes, bacon, pb&J, Nutella, cream cheese, syrup, etc.
  • Saturday and Sunday lunches will be minimum status quo of – burgers, dogs, sausages/brats, chicken. Possible that some of that is replaced or subsidized with barbecue. Chips, Pickles, the fixin’s.
  • Saturday Night Dinner will be at the Waterman’s Crab House Restaurant and Dock Bar. Try to arrive and seat as a group in the rear of the building out by the water (ON THE DECK) around 4:30/5:00.  NO reservations.   Fun time as always.  You do not have to ask where it is b/c it is RIGHT THERE at our race site.  Trust me, you can’t miss it.
  • Great Race.  Great Race Town.  THEY LOVE HAVING US HEAR AS THIS RACE IS LIKELY THE LARGEST REVENUE GENERATOR FOR THE AREA FOR THE ENTIRE SEASON. That being said, They just don’t like us frying on their (private) property and we have been asked to not do so this year.   We will again have the rental white circus tent for the team – so look for the team trailer and come ready to have a great weekend!  Pardon the pun but this place rocks!


3.  Saturday Rock Hall International – 8:00 AM – Rock Hall, MD

Please indicate your intent to participate (or not) by voting on poll for this weekend:

  • Breakfast will be ready to be served at 6:30/6:45 AM
  • Please respond to the Eventbrite poll!
  • Website:
  • 1500 meter swim (in a marina – you can walk much of it at times) – 24.5 mile flat bike, 10k flat run

Team Z Plans 

  • Breakfast will be ready to be served at 6:30, 6:45
  • Once again – please respond to the Eventbrite poll!
  • This is one of our classic – hang and and don’t know what to do besides hang out races.  Beer.  I mean, sometimes we just shoot the shit.  Beer.
  • Those looking for a cheer, short run/ride – huge oppportunity.
  • I’m checking on OWS opportunities post race each day


4. Sunday Rock Hall Sprint – 9:00 AM – Rock Hall, MD

Please indicate your intent to participate (or not) by voting on poll for this weekend:

  • 750 meter swim (in a marina – you can walk much of it at times) – 15 mile flat bike, 5k flat run
  •  Website:

Team Z Plans 

  • Breakfast to be served at 7:30, 7:45
  • Once again – please respond to the Eventbrite poll!
  • This is one of our classic – hang and and don’t know what to do besides hang out races.  Beer.  I mean, sometimes we just shoot the shit.  Beer.
  • Those looking for a cheer, short run/ride – huge oppportunity.
  • I’m checking on OWS opportunities post race each day


5.  Rock Hall, MD – Directions

Address:  5657 S Hawthorne Ave, Rock Hall, MD 21661

Google Map:

Directions from my house in Annandale:

  • Get on I-395 N in Alexandria from Little River Turnpike
    10 min (3.8 mi)
  • Continue on I-395 N. Take US-50 E to US-301 N in 5, Queenstown
    1 h 6 min (60.2 mi)
  • Continue on US-301 N. Take MD-213 N and MD-20 W to S Hawthorne Ave in Rock Hall
    50 min (39.5 mi)