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The Weekend of July 10, 2015 in Team Z

Woot Woot?  One day when I was chillin’ in Kentucky Fried Chicken.  This dude walks in looking strange and kinda funny, went up to the front with a menu and his money. He didn’t walk straight…kindof side to side. He asked the ol lady… “yo yo, is this Kentucky Fried?”.  The lady said yes smiled, he smiled back.  Gave a quarter and his order….small fries BIG MAC! You be illin

I don’t know what just got into me…..but I love how funny I am.  🙂

*Let me know if you see any issues – a ton going on this weekend.


Poll for weekend – please vote –let’s see if I get this link correct this time!


In this email:

  1. Important Announcements for this weekend
  2. Saturday Group Run – Peirce Mill, Rock Creek Park
  3. Sunday Group Ride – Target, Easton Md
  4. Sunday Group Ride – Walmart, Haymarket Va
  5. Saturday Swim For Life Details
  6. Colonial Beach Details

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The Weekend of June 19, 2015 in Team Z

It’s another race weekend – this time in Bath County, Va!  For team members who aren’t heading to the race, we’ll have a Saturday group run and a SUnday group ride.  Check out the deets below and PLEASE VOTE ON THE POLL ON THE MEMBERS WEBSITE!!!



In this e-mail:

Saturday – 8:00 AM – Hains Point, Washington, DC

Saturday Bath County Sprint – 8:00 AM – Warm Springs, VA

Sunday Group Ride – 7:00 AM – Riley’s Lock, Potomac, MD

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The weekend of January 24 in Team Z

As you probably already know, the weekend weather is projected to be a mess, especially Saturday.

With many of you having a long run on your training plans, it would suck not be able to run outdoors – however, with so much uncertainty about what to expect Sunday morning, we don’t think doing a Red Nose Run with all that is involved is a good idea for this weekend.


Here is what we’re going to do:


– The Saturday Belle Haven Ride will now become a Saturday Group Spin at The Endurance Athlete Center. We had a blast the last time we had a group spin here. The more the merrier!

– The Sunday Red Nose Run will now be a REGULAR group run from The Bike Lane at Reston Town Center. Reston offers access to the W&OD Trail, which we’re told is usually we-maintained and has mile markers. It also allows you access to restrooms and a ton of options when it comes to post-recovery grub. We’re hoping the sun melts off any black ice and it is an uneventful – but fun – running. Let’s all cross our fingers that the weather cooperates so we can have this run outdoors!


This weekend is a very fluid situation, especially for Sunday morning. Thank you once again for your patience as we figure this all out. If there are any other changes, you’ll know in plenty of time so that you can make other arrangements. Let’s make the best out of the cards we’ve been dealt and make it a fun weekend!

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The Weekend of January 17 – 18, 2015

There are some changes to the weekend plan – please read the entire email below carefully! Because of the clinics, we decided to consolidate and make it easier for everyone to get to the workouts as well as attend the clinics.

Again – please use the email below for the weekend schedule, NOT the calendar on the Yahoo Group.



In this e-mail:
Saturday Group Ride – 9:00 AM – Walmart Haymarket, VA

Sunday Group Run – 7:00 AM or 8:00 AM – Endurance Athlete Center, Falls Church, VA

Sunday Swimming Injury Prevention Clinic – 10:00 AM – Endurance Athlete Center, Falls Church, VA

Sunday New Z’s Brunch – 11:45 AM – Clare and Don’s, Falls Church, VA

Sunday Advanced Heart Rate Training Clinic – 3:00 PM – Falls Church, VA
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