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What to expect after the big triathlon race

I was doing some homework I had assigned myself and I came across this email that I wrote almost 10 years ago (August of 2006 – after our team had raced Ironman Lake Placid). It’s old – and it’s made the rounds once or twice. But I’m certain there are many of you that have not had a chance to read it yet.

The rest of this email is being written to address an issue that many Team Z Rookies sometimes experience/deal with after racing for the first time. Or maybe racing a new distance for the first time.   While we tend to see a higher percentage of our long course athletes talking about these things (in the email below), they can be experienced by triathletes at shorter distances as well. On that note – people that are not triathletes can find themselves in the same position dealing with life events. So I don’t think this is as much tied to “distance of a race” as it is to “how significant of an effort were you required to commit to achieve the goal”. How important was the accomplishment to you – and how much of an impact did it have on your life.

It is probably worth the read, at least to store away in the memory bank in case it should ever happen to you. Continue reading What to expect after the big triathlon race