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Race Report: The Anthem Shamrock Half Marathon

Following is a guest post by Team Zer, Eileen S., who recently completed her first half marathon in Virginia Beach, the Anthem Shamrock Half Marathon.  Way to go, Eileen!  Let this be the first of many happy half marathons!

Kevin and I signed up for the Shamrock Half marathon as our very first half marathon.  We did our best to follow the training plan over the winter, but a number of factors, including the weather, kept us from completing a number of the long runs.  Still, we headed off to Virginia Beach hoping that the training that we were able to do prepared us enough to complete the race.  We spent Saturday cheering on the runners in the 8k race, and then enjoyed the pre-race dinner, met dozens of other Zers, and listened to Alexis’ pep talk.  We were ready.

We set three goals for the race:

  1. Start;
  2. Finish;
  3. Don’t get injured.

Since it was our first half, as long as we finished, we were guaranteed a PR, so neither of us was concerned about time.

We anticipated windy and cold conditions on race morning and were pleasantly surprised when we woke up to perfect running weather – 40s with very little wind.  Score!  We ambled the few blocks from our hotel to the start line, found our corral, and lined up with all the other runners.

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Don’t Dream it Be It Part III, Val Dix’s Prospective on 2013 Ironman Louisville

I did something a bit crazy and completed two full Ironman races just four weeks apart, one of them being one of the hottest Ironman races on the circuit. All of this, while being a very solid and proud Back-Of-The-Packer 16 hour+ Ironman finisher. Am I crazy?! Of course I am. I did not wake up one day and say “hey, I’m bored, how about I attempt to tackle a challenging ½ ironman in the Canary Islands, followed by the hardest Ironman bike course in the same location six months later, then do Ironman Lake Placid 10 weeks after that, and why not top it off with Ironman Louisville just four weeks after that?” I won’t go into details but I had my reasons for doing all of these races and I’m happy to discuss them with anyone who is curious offline. Continue reading Don’t Dream it Be It Part III, Val Dix’s Prospective on 2013 Ironman Louisville

Don’t Dream it Be It, Val Dix’s Prospective on 2013 Ironman Lake Placid

I DID IT!!! Those are the words that I repeated to myself so many times after I finished Ironman Lake Placid. It’s amazing how empowering those three little words are and it’s something that I hope all of you get to tell yourself and celebrate both within and outside of your triathlon careers in the near future.

In May 2013, I attempted and was not successful in completing Ironman Lanzarote, a race with a reputation of being one of the most challenging bike courses on the entire worldwide Ironman circuit. With that DNF over my head, on June 16th, right as I was beginning my build for Ironman Louisville, and just six weeks before Ironman Lake Placid, Coach Ed sends an email to the team announcing there were 10 slots available for Ironman Lake Placid. Armed with the ok on whether or not I should race from Coaches Ed and Tony Stocker, I decided I wanted my next big race to be with my friends and teammates and I wanted to share the experience of me overcoming a DNF with everyone. My goals were simple, get my ass to the finish line before the 17 hour cutoff. That’s it, no race plan, no over analyzing or over stressing the course or the weather forecast, just continue to move forward and take the day one swim stroke, pedal stroke, and foot step at a time. Continue reading Don’t Dream it Be It, Val Dix’s Prospective on 2013 Ironman Lake Placid