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What’s Happening in Z World, Monday, July 13 – Wednesday, July 15

We know that you all get bombarded with a ton of information from us. Currently, the team gets a weekday and a weekend email about all the team activities taking place. In order to streamline our team communications and hopefully, make it easier for you, we want to try a single Wednesday message that would include the team activities for a Seven day period beginning the Thursday of the current week all the way to the Wednesday of the following week.  One message would cover the weekday and the current weekend team activities plus the group activities for the next week up to Wednesday.

Please bear with us we transition to this new format. For this message, I will include the activities for today through Wednesday of this week plus any relevant announcements.  Give us a chance to work out any kinks before contacting us with ways to improve the process. We love the constructive feedback, just hold off for a little bit.



Important Announcements and Reminders for this week

Overview of events and activities from Monday through Wednesday of this week

The Weekend of January 30 in Team Z

Ed is back and digging out of emails – while medicated. I’m medicated from surgery a couple days ago. So basically, interpret this email best you can, then turn to Alexis with any questions 🙂 (sorry Alexis)



In this e-mail:
Saturday Hash Run – 10:00 AM – Potomac River Running, Reston, VA

Saturday Beerz and Gearz Clinic – 5:30 PM – Arlington Oaks, Arlington, VA

Sunday Team Time Trial – 8:00 AM – Prince William Forest, Triangle, VA
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The Week of January 26, 2015 – Recovery Week!

Once again, you all rolled with the punches and came out in force this weekend. Thank you a thousand times for your support. It has been awesome to see so much energy these past few weeks. The attendance at the clinics has been through the roof and this weekend was no exception. I really have enjoyed meeting all the new Zers.  You have really are a huge addition to our team. Thank you for being part of Team Z.  A huge thanks to Bill Hellwig and the owner, Anne Mader, of the Bike Lane in Reston for allowing us to use their store as a launching point for the group run this past Sunday. As you may or may not be aware, we don’t align ourselves or are sponsored by any one particular business.  This autonomy allows us support the businesses and individuals that get our culture and are in alignment with our values. I have heard nothing but great things about the Reston Bike Lane. They are always so supportive and are willing and eager to support Team Z.  Kudos to the Bike Lane. Well done!

In this email:

Important Announcements and Reminders for this week
Overview of events and activities for this week
Look ahead for the Weekend Events
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