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The Week of February 9 in Team Z

Sunday, February 9, Kerri Kramer-Webb, fellow Zer and owner of Endurance Athlete Center, gave an awesome presentation for the run leaders and coaches. In the clinic, Kerri went over a review proper running mechanics,

Identifying common running flaws & learn strategies to correct, developing a systematic approach to giving appropriate athlete advice and recognize red flags & what to do. Over the next few weeks, you should see many of our run leaders and coaches incorporating what they’ve learned into the track workouts. Many of these subjects will be covered when Kerri does the Running Injury Prevention & Advanced Mechanics Clinic later this year for the rest of the team. In the meantime, I would strongly encourage all of you to make a concerted effort to attend as many track workouts as your schedule will allow. Running is, by far, the one discipline that is the cause for the majority of injuries we see. Please be patient with or leaders and coaches as they try to help you. Most importantly, be patient with yourself. Some things are easily fixable and some take time to correct. I promise we’ll do our part if you are will to do your part by showing up and being coachable. Thanks to Kerri and her awesome staff of PT’s for making this clinic happen.


Important Announcements and Reminders for this week

Overview of events and activities for this week

Look ahead for the Weekend Events
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The weekend of January 24 in Team Z

As you probably already know, the weekend weather is projected to be a mess, especially Saturday.

With many of you having a long run on your training plans, it would suck not be able to run outdoors – however, with so much uncertainty about what to expect Sunday morning, we don’t think doing a Red Nose Run with all that is involved is a good idea for this weekend.


Here is what we’re going to do:


– The Saturday Belle Haven Ride will now become a Saturday Group Spin at The Endurance Athlete Center. We had a blast the last time we had a group spin here. The more the merrier!

– The Sunday Red Nose Run will now be a REGULAR group run from The Bike Lane at Reston Town Center. Reston offers access to the W&OD Trail, which we’re told is usually we-maintained and has mile markers. It also allows you access to restrooms and a ton of options when it comes to post-recovery grub. We’re hoping the sun melts off any black ice and it is an uneventful – but fun – running. Let’s all cross our fingers that the weather cooperates so we can have this run outdoors!


This weekend is a very fluid situation, especially for Sunday morning. Thank you once again for your patience as we figure this all out. If there are any other changes, you’ll know in plenty of time so that you can make other arrangements. Let’s make the best out of the cards we’ve been dealt and make it a fun weekend!

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Week of 7/7/14 in Team Z West

NO BOOTCAMPS THIS WEEK BECAUSE 90% OF THE TEAM IS TAPERING. IMMT get your strength done on your own.

Was awesome to see 70+ riders yesterday – and lots of folks at the quarry swim. It’s fun to have so much energy in our rides! Keep it up! Now we look forward to our “A” races… this week it’s important to do ONLY what’s on the training plan. It will feel light and you will have extra energy, that’s the point! So don’t do anything silly like adding extra work. Having said that the work that we do – even through it’s less – is still important, so get it in! Do exactly what your plan says, no more and no less.

Eat right, hydrate now, make good choices.

In this email:

1. Important notes for the week
2. Overview of Team Z West events for the week
3. Overview of clinics offered this week

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This week in Team Z MDC

I am also posting this message on the Team Z website blog.  For those of you still not on our yahoo groups, I am sending it to your personal email. Isn’t it exhausting being on Team Z?  Thank God for a recovery week. Oh wait! We’re just getting started! The next stop on the Team Z express is Rev3 Williamsburg.  Triathlon training is an endurance sport. Try to keep up!

In this email:

1 Important note’s for the week

2. Overview of Team Z Clinics offered this week

3. Overview of Team Z MDC events and activities offered this week.

4. Directions to Team Z MDC Group workouts

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How to Decipher the bike workouts (with an addendum for the run)

Folks – if you do not understand this post after reading, please ask your questions at/before a group workout IF you can make it one. Find a ride leader, and have us help you understand the drills DURING the ride. Teaching via showing is a very easy and effective way to make sure you “Get it”. So please do come if you can – it is much more fun to teach in person!  You may also make it a priority to attend the cycling technique clinic which we host 5 times each year in our Arlington, Maryland, and Loudon County/Reston/Herndon programs.

However this should get you started – the following is a breakdown of how to read the bike workouts for the week (an example) and an overview of the common drills you will see on your schedule. At the bottom is a cut and paste about “why we do drills” and how they help you. Some of this subject (“speed” training) is also covered in the heart rate training clinic.

1. How to read/decipher a workout (Example – Bike 35′ w/u (Z2), 3 x 3′ hill repeats Z5a/b, W/D): 35′ Warmup in Zone 2. Find a hill that takes you three minutes (or more) to climb. You will ride 3 minutues in Z5 a/b (start in A, end in B). Turnaround and coast down to the bottom of the hill, rest, repeat. Warm down. If no Vo2Max Test has been achieved – use perceived exertion to determine your zone. Zone 2 is 4-5 words between breaths. Zone 4 is 1-2 words between breaths. Zone 5a/b – a hard effort you can sustain for the 3 minute interval – it is not all out – you have to sustain the effort for 3-4 minutes. Continue reading How to Decipher the bike workouts (with an addendum for the run)