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New Season – First Race!

HELLOOOOOOOOO TO THE LARGEST, MOST FUN, MOST ENERGIZED GROUP TRIATHLON TRAINING PROGRAM MEMBERS ANYWHERE IN THE CIVILIZED WORLD.  Civilized world being defined as (but is not limited to) Arlington, Alexandria, Bethesda, Silver Spring, Washington DC, Herndon, Sterling, Reston, or Fairfax.  In general – Northern Virginia, Maryland, and DC.  Sometimes I find myself inserting key words which will help me find my posts in google searches some day!  🙂

HERE IS THE REAL MEAT OF THIS MESSAGE!  Welcome to the 2014 Triathlon Racing Season.  We kick it off at the Kinetic Triathlon this weekend, at Lake Anna Va.

I have a few reminders I want to share to help calm the nerves of our newest members, focus the minds of our vets, and set the tone for another weekend where Team Z leaves a mark on the local triathlon community!  This is long, it took me a long time to write.  PLEASE READ IT!

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The Weekend of July 10, 2015 in Team Z

Woot Woot?  One day when I was chillin’ in Kentucky Fried Chicken.  This dude walks in looking strange and kinda funny, went up to the front with a menu and his money. He didn’t walk straight…kindof side to side. He asked the ol lady… “yo yo, is this Kentucky Fried?”.  The lady said yes smiled, he smiled back.  Gave a quarter and his order….small fries BIG MAC! You be illin

I don’t know what just got into me…..but I love how funny I am.  🙂

*Let me know if you see any issues – a ton going on this weekend.


Poll for weekend – please vote –let’s see if I get this link correct this time!


In this email:

  1. Important Announcements for this weekend
  2. Saturday Group Run – Peirce Mill, Rock Creek Park
  3. Sunday Group Ride – Target, Easton Md
  4. Sunday Group Ride – Walmart, Haymarket Va
  5. Saturday Swim For Life Details
  6. Colonial Beach Details

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The Weekend of May 22, 2015

Whether your plan is to be miserable this weekend in the mountains, or to enjoy the wilderness from your bike, or to stay closer to home – get your workouts in!


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Saturday Group Ride – 8:00 AM – Southern High School, Harwood, MD

Sunday Reston Lake 1 & 2 Mile Swims – 7:00 AM – Lake Audubon, Reston, VA

Sunday Group Run – 10:00 AM – Lake Audubon, Reston, VA

Wilderness Ride & Mountains of Misery

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Endless Swimming at the Endurance Athlete Center

Guest post by Dominic Latella, Swim Coach, The Endurance Athlete Center

As a swim coach for the past 10 years, and having been a competitive swimmer throughout high school and college, I’m always looking for new and better ways to instruct stroke development and move forward with physical therapy. Having been through surgery on both of my shoulders, and working one on one with swimmers in the Paralympic Military Program, I know that learning the proper body positioning and stroke techniques are vital to swimmers of all levels and ages. This is the main reason why I am so excited to be able to bring SwimBox to the EAC. SwimBox combines the expertise of trained swim instructors with the technology of an endless pool to bring you the newest and most efficient way to develop proper stroke technique, increased efficiency, and recover from injuries.

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The Week of February 9 in Team Z

Sunday, February 9, Kerri Kramer-Webb, fellow Zer and owner of Endurance Athlete Center, gave an awesome presentation for the run leaders and coaches. In the clinic, Kerri went over a review proper running mechanics,

Identifying common running flaws & learn strategies to correct, developing a systematic approach to giving appropriate athlete advice and recognize red flags & what to do. Over the next few weeks, you should see many of our run leaders and coaches incorporating what they’ve learned into the track workouts. Many of these subjects will be covered when Kerri does the Running Injury Prevention & Advanced Mechanics Clinic later this year for the rest of the team. In the meantime, I would strongly encourage all of you to make a concerted effort to attend as many track workouts as your schedule will allow. Running is, by far, the one discipline that is the cause for the majority of injuries we see. Please be patient with or leaders and coaches as they try to help you. Most importantly, be patient with yourself. Some things are easily fixable and some take time to correct. I promise we’ll do our part if you are will to do your part by showing up and being coachable. Thanks to Kerri and her awesome staff of PT’s for making this clinic happen.


Important Announcements and Reminders for this week

Overview of events and activities for this week

Look ahead for the Weekend Events
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Inspiration of the Month: Kevin Takeguchi (Guest post from the Endurance Athlete Center)

Guest post by Kristin Sykes, DPT, The Endurance Athlete Center

This month we are throwing the spotlight on Kevin Takeguchi. Kevin is a member of Team Z , a local triathlon team that was started by Ed Zerkle. What makes Kevin unique is he competes in triathlons even though he has lost the ability to see. He has had multiple brain surgeries that left him with impaired vision. This hasn’t stopped him! Through the encouragement of friends and family he returned to competing and has completed Nations triathlon six years in a row! Now, you may ask how he does this. For the swim and run he is linked to a partner via rope to keep him on track and the bike is completed on a tandem. This is not without mishaps, Kevin tells a story of accidentally running into a man while training at a local track. Initially the man was going to pick a fight until he explained why he’d not seen him. Triathlons require a great level of dedication and perseverance to complete but with impaired vision, it’s taken to a whole other level. Team Z has provided him the environment in which to thrive, with comradery and support that Kevin needs to continue competing.
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The Week of February 2, 2015

Hi Folks – I’m still trying to figure out all the little details in life.  Since the whole wedding and honeymoon, its been hard to play catch up and find that “groove” again!   Slowly but surely!


I’ve followed along and seen that some of our events have had great energy recently – and then the reports on others are not so great.    Let’s push through these grey and nasty days…we have limited time until we are outside with the sun on our backs.    Make the most of the winter that you have remaining – it will pay you back in spades when the weather takes a turn for the better.  You’ll notice your dedication when your “absentee” buddies can’t seem to hang on through those gentle elevation gains on the bike.   Well, for the out of shape – it is more like a mountain than a gentle elevation gain!  J


Here are some fast Facts.


  • Pitchers and catchers report for spring training on Feb 19.
  • MLB opening day is 9 weeks away.
  • Charlottesville Marathon/half/8k is 9 weeks away.   4 of those are work weeks, 2 are recovery, 3 are taper.
  • Shamrock and DC RNR are 5/6 weeks away.  2 work weeks, 3 taper weeks, 1 recovery week
  • Ironman Md and Choo training plans start on week of April 6.  You should be able to ride 50 miles EASILY by then.  Run 7-8.  That’s coming up fast…
  • Our first triathlon of the season (Monticello Man) is 12 weeks away.  Kinetic is 13 weeks.

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The week of January 19 in Team Z

Hello Team! Coach Exclamation Point here!


What a crazy sick turnout we had for everything this weekend. We had massive crowds at both the Swim injury Prevention clinic and Advanced Heart Rate Clinic. There were close to 20 Zers who stayed for the Ultra Swim Info Session. And our New Z coordinator, Gabby Peterson, was blown away by the great attendance at the New Zers Brunch. We even had close to 30 Zers show up in the pouring rain this morning to run. However, I would have to say I was stunned to hear that there were 40 Zers at the Saturday Haymarket ride, including 5 new Zers!!

A huge thanks to all of you for the tremendous showing this weekend. You guys are Badass. Now no resting on your laurels. We have work to do! We have a full complement of workouts this week. We have our first red nose run of the winter season next Sunday (More details to follow). Let’s keep the momentum going!


In this email:


Important Announcements and Reminders for this week

Overview of events and activities for this week

Look ahead for the Weekend Events
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Week of 7/7/14 in Team Z West

NO BOOTCAMPS THIS WEEK BECAUSE 90% OF THE TEAM IS TAPERING. IMMT get your strength done on your own.

Was awesome to see 70+ riders yesterday – and lots of folks at the quarry swim. It’s fun to have so much energy in our rides! Keep it up! Now we look forward to our “A” races… this week it’s important to do ONLY what’s on the training plan. It will feel light and you will have extra energy, that’s the point! So don’t do anything silly like adding extra work. Having said that the work that we do – even through it’s less – is still important, so get it in! Do exactly what your plan says, no more and no less.

Eat right, hydrate now, make good choices.

In this email:

1. Important notes for the week
2. Overview of Team Z West events for the week
3. Overview of clinics offered this week

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This week in Team Z MDC

I am also posting this message on the Team Z website blog.  For those of you still not on our yahoo groups, I am sending it to your personal email. Isn’t it exhausting being on Team Z?  Thank God for a recovery week. Oh wait! We’re just getting started! The next stop on the Team Z express is Rev3 Williamsburg.  Triathlon training is an endurance sport. Try to keep up!

In this email:

1 Important note’s for the week

2. Overview of Team Z Clinics offered this week

3. Overview of Team Z MDC events and activities offered this week.

4. Directions to Team Z MDC Group workouts

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