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Inspiration of the Month: Kevin Takeguchi (Guest post from the Endurance Athlete Center)

Guest post by Kristin Sykes, DPT, The Endurance Athlete Center

This month we are throwing the spotlight on Kevin Takeguchi. Kevin is a member of Team Z , a local triathlon team that was started by Ed Zerkle. What makes Kevin unique is he competes in triathlons even though he has lost the ability to see. He has had multiple brain surgeries that left him with impaired vision. This hasn’t stopped him! Through the encouragement of friends and family he returned to competing and has completed Nations triathlon six years in a row! Now, you may ask how he does this. For the swim and run he is linked to a partner via rope to keep him on track and the bike is completed on a tandem. This is not without mishaps, Kevin tells a story of accidentally running into a man while training at a local track. Initially the man was going to pick a fight until he explained why he’d not seen him. Triathlons require a great level of dedication and perseverance to complete but with impaired vision, it’s taken to a whole other level. Team Z has provided him the environment in which to thrive, with comradery and support that Kevin needs to continue competing.
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Week of 7/7/14 in Team Z DC/MD

It’s mega race weekend! Two race weekends (Musselman and Colonial Beach) for the price of one. Sweet! Our local weekend group workout is a Saturday brick. Why not consider joining us in Colonial Beach on Sunday? Maybe do a relay or just come down to support the team? It’s just a thought.

In this email:

1. Important announcements for the week

2. Overview of Team Z MDC Clinics

3. Overview of Team Z MDC events and activities offered this week.

4. Directions to Team Z MDC Group workouts

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Musselman 2014 Team Z Game Plan


Note there will be a separate weekend e-mail for local stuff.

Link to Musselman tickets: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/musselman-2014-tickets-12169245541

Buy NOW, buy accurately, buy strong.

I am REALLY jazzed for next weekend. We have a TON of people competing, lots of people staying up for extra days, it’s going to be a blast. This is a really well run, customer focused event in a beautiful area. Yep, it’s a bit of a drive, but it’s WELL WORTH IT! Where else can you participate in a tricycle / big wheel race, a sprint, a half iron, get a finisher’s medal made from bike parts, and go wine tasting all in the same weekend? If you are considering coming up to spectate please come- and bring the fam and the dog. The park has lots to do for both, trust me, both the fam AND the dog will need a BATH by the end of the day. There are still places to stay, you might just have to do a little digging- a few years back I reserved a spot at Cheerful Valley Campground like three days before. Continue reading Musselman 2014 Team Z Game Plan

Team Triathlon Training for This Weekend (6/13-6/15) in Team Z

Here’s your weekend triathlon training email – you’ll find the weekend updates right here for Washington DC, Arlington, Fairfax, and everywhere we are doing our training, including our big races!


LAST MINUTE QUESTIONS ABOUT THIS WEEKEND. So, baby #2 is due to arrive on Monday. But… I’ve given myself a few weekends off in a row just in case she comes early. Including this one. I don’t mind last minute e-mails or calls – I get them every weekend – but I just wanted everyone to know that if I’m unresponsive you may want to reach out to the person in charge of that particular workout. I will not have my cell with me in the delivery room. J And of course reading through this NOW and asking questions ahead of time is helpful.

Vote on our poll to help us plan the weekend. Link to polls: http://sports.groups.yahoo.com/group/TeamZ/polls

In this e-mail, local workouts:
Sat/Sun race weekend – Rev 3 – more deets in a separate e-mail
Saturday run technique clinic – 8:00 AM – PRR Arlington
Saturday hash run – 9:30 AM – PRR Arlington
Sunday group ride – 8:00 AM – Glen Echo Park, Glen Echo, MD
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