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The weekend of January 24 in Team Z

As you probably already know, the weekend weather is projected to be a mess, especially Saturday.

With many of you having a long run on your training plans, it would suck not be able to run outdoors – however, with so much uncertainty about what to expect Sunday morning, we don’t think doing a Red Nose Run with all that is involved is a good idea for this weekend.


Here is what we’re going to do:


– The Saturday Belle Haven Ride will now become a Saturday Group Spin at The Endurance Athlete Center. We had a blast the last time we had a group spin here. The more the merrier!

– The Sunday Red Nose Run will now be a REGULAR group run from The Bike Lane at Reston Town Center. Reston offers access to the W&OD Trail, which we’re told is usually we-maintained and has mile markers. It also allows you access to restrooms and a ton of options when it comes to post-recovery grub. We’re hoping the sun melts off any black ice and it is an uneventful – but fun – running. Let’s all cross our fingers that the weather cooperates so we can have this run outdoors!


This weekend is a very fluid situation, especially for Sunday morning. Thank you once again for your patience as we figure this all out. If there are any other changes, you’ll know in plenty of time so that you can make other arrangements. Let’s make the best out of the cards we’ve been dealt and make it a fun weekend!

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Week of 7/7/14 in Team Z DC/MD

It’s mega race weekend! Two race weekends (Musselman and Colonial Beach) for the price of one. Sweet! Our local weekend group workout is a Saturday brick. Why not consider joining us in Colonial Beach on Sunday? Maybe do a relay or just come down to support the team? It’s just a thought.

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2. Overview of Team Z MDC Clinics

3. Overview of Team Z MDC events and activities offered this week.

4. Directions to Team Z MDC Group workouts

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Week of 7/7/14 in Team Z West

NO BOOTCAMPS THIS WEEK BECAUSE 90% OF THE TEAM IS TAPERING. IMMT get your strength done on your own.

Was awesome to see 70+ riders yesterday – and lots of folks at the quarry swim. It’s fun to have so much energy in our rides! Keep it up! Now we look forward to our “A” races… this week it’s important to do ONLY what’s on the training plan. It will feel light and you will have extra energy, that’s the point! So don’t do anything silly like adding extra work. Having said that the work that we do – even through it’s less – is still important, so get it in! Do exactly what your plan says, no more and no less.

Eat right, hydrate now, make good choices.

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The weekend of 7/4-7/6/14 in Team Z

Vote on our poll to help us plan the weekend. Link to polls: http://sports.groups.yahoo.com/group/TeamZ/polls

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Saturday group run – hash alert – 8:00 AM – Hayes Park, Arlington, VA
Sunday group ride – 10:00 AM – Tyler Elementary, Gainesville, VA
Sunday open water swim – 12:00 to 3:00 PM – Milbrook Quary, Haymarket, VA
Sunday women’s only clinic – 3:00 PM – Elizabeth Hurley’s house, Vienna, VA
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This week in Team Z MDC

I am also posting this message on the Team Z website blog.  For those of you still not on our yahoo groups, I am sending it to your personal email. Isn’t it exhausting being on Team Z?  Thank God for a recovery week. Oh wait! We’re just getting started! The next stop on the Team Z express is Rev3 Williamsburg.  Triathlon training is an endurance sport. Try to keep up!

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3. Overview of Team Z MDC events and activities offered this week.

4. Directions to Team Z MDC Group workouts

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Team Z takes on the Fat Bet – Triathlon Fitness Across Washington, D.C. Area

From “Granny”

I just checked Fatbet to see if I had time to lose any more weight. Turns out the challenge ended three weeks ago. 


It’s a bit late, I know, but congratulations to all of the participants. It was a long winter’s fight for sure. Whether we posted only once or twice, persisted through a hundred ups and downs or dropped weight like a stone, we all toed the line. And for that we can be proud.

I am curious, though. What was the relationship between rate of weight loss and number of workouts per week? Did those  zigs and zags on some charts reflect irregular workout schedules, nutritional stumbles or both? And what about those who stopped posting? Did they stop losing?

I did. And after much reflection, I decided I stopped losing because February sucked.

Wait, that’s not right. I stopped losing because JANUARY sucked. I started gaining because not only did February totally suck, it brought with it aisles and aisles of little foil-covered chocolate hearts. And which I felt absolutely awful for eating. Until I read one of the promises. “Remind yourself that it’s okay not to be perfect.” Awww. It understands. No dieter is perfect. Another said, “Curl up and take a cat nap!” Who knew confectionery could be so wise? The third read, “It’s OK to not do it at all.” 

Say again? 
“It’s OK to not do it at all.”  Wait. I don’t have to ride in minus 20 degree windchill? “Nope. Swim at Zero dark frikkin early?
 “Uh-uh. Get a couple of miles in on a treadmill?
 “Nope. Not at all!” And it’s OK? “Yep. It’s OK!” Oh I loved these chocolates!! A couple of weeks after that bag was emptied and gone, I found a red foil wrapper tucked in the pocket of my jeans. Smoothing it out on the top of the washer, I read it once again. “It’s OK not to do it all.” Wait. What? “It’s OK not to do it all.” Did it just say –

“It’s OK not to do IT ALL.


Anyone up for another Fatbet?