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Week of 7/7/14 in Team Z DC/MD

It’s mega race weekend! Two race weekends (Musselman and Colonial Beach) for the price of one. Sweet! Our local weekend group workout is a Saturday brick. Why not consider joining us in Colonial Beach on Sunday? Maybe do a relay or just come down to support the team? It’s just a thought.

In this email:

1. Important announcements for the week

2. Overview of Team Z MDC Clinics

3. Overview of Team Z MDC events and activities offered this week.

4. Directions to Team Z MDC Group workouts

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The weekend of 7/4-7/6/14 in Team Z

Vote on our poll to help us plan the weekend. Link to polls: http://sports.groups.yahoo.com/group/TeamZ/polls

In this e-mail:
Saturday group run – hash alert – 8:00 AM – Hayes Park, Arlington, VA
Sunday group ride – 10:00 AM – Tyler Elementary, Gainesville, VA
Sunday open water swim – 12:00 to 3:00 PM – Milbrook Quary, Haymarket, VA
Sunday women’s only clinic – 3:00 PM – Elizabeth Hurley’s house, Vienna, VA
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How to Decipher the bike workouts (with an addendum for the run)

Folks – if you do not understand this post after reading, please ask your questions at/before a group workout IF you can make it one. Find a ride leader, and have us help you understand the drills DURING the ride. Teaching via showing is a very easy and effective way to make sure you “Get it”. So please do come if you can – it is much more fun to teach in person!  You may also make it a priority to attend the cycling technique clinic which we host 5 times each year in our Arlington, Maryland, and Loudon County/Reston/Herndon programs.

However this should get you started – the following is a breakdown of how to read the bike workouts for the week (an example) and an overview of the common drills you will see on your schedule. At the bottom is a cut and paste about “why we do drills” and how they help you. Some of this subject (“speed” training) is also covered in the heart rate training clinic.

1. How to read/decipher a workout (Example – Bike 35′ w/u (Z2), 3 x 3′ hill repeats Z5a/b, W/D): 35′ Warmup in Zone 2. Find a hill that takes you three minutes (or more) to climb. You will ride 3 minutues in Z5 a/b (start in A, end in B). Turnaround and coast down to the bottom of the hill, rest, repeat. Warm down. If no Vo2Max Test has been achieved – use perceived exertion to determine your zone. Zone 2 is 4-5 words between breaths. Zone 4 is 1-2 words between breaths. Zone 5a/b – a hard effort you can sustain for the 3 minute interval – it is not all out – you have to sustain the effort for 3-4 minutes. Continue reading How to Decipher the bike workouts (with an addendum for the run)

Coach Tony Stocker’s Pace Based Running FAQ for the Team Z Group Triathlon Training Program

Team Z Pace Based Training Frequently Asked Questions – by Coach Tony Stocker




What is pace-based training?

Simply, it is using pre-defined running paces rather than pre-defined heart rate ranges to control exercise intensity during workouts.

How does it differ from heart rate training?

Other than what one uses to determine exercise intensity and how that determination is made, i.e. what type of testing is done, they are very similar in operation. If you are used to using heart rate to control your run training, setting alarms on a Garmin for instance, then it’s a relatively simple matter to change your alarms to be paces instead of heart rates. One advantage of pace based training is that even with a simple watch you would be able to determine your pace if you have a known distance, such as on a track or mile markers on a trail. Still a tool like a Garmin which can provide real-time, or nearly so, pace data is more advantageous since you don’t have to wait a mile, or even quarter of a mile, to find out that you’re going faster or slower than a workout calls for you to do. Instead of “I’m running Z2 so my heart rate should be between 140-150bpm” your workouts become “I’m running LRP so my pace should be between 09:30-09:50 min/mi.”

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