Brett Coffee

Team Z literally changed my life.  I was a nationally competitive cyclist growing up, but I put that aside to pursue a legal career.  Before we had kids, I already set triathlon as a goal because I wanted my kids to live an active life.  But a non-Team Z coach said I would never be able to complete an Ironman.  Well, I went from 240 pounds to 180, and Team Z helped me complete Ironman Cozumel in 2011 by helping me tackle the scary swim and providing a framework for training and racing.  Now, I give back as a Team Z cycling ride leader.  But more importantly, I am now able to compete without being hyper-competitive, I have an incredibly supportive group of fellow triathletes/friends and our family has a blast training and going to races.  Our oldest child isn’t even in preschool yet, and he already wants to race, I’m healthier and am doing more.