Marie Malave

I fell in love with triathlon in 2007. I had just completed my first marathon, Marine Corps Marathon, and was at home watching TV when Ironman Kona (the world championship) came on. I was glued to the TV. With the memory still fresh in my mind and the amazing, indescribable feeling of crossing the finish line at Marine Corps still in my heart, I watched as the pros crossed the finish line, arms up in the air, some of them even getting on their knees to kiss the ground after finishing. Although I’m not a pro, (in my dreams I often am), I could relate to the feeling of accomplishment, complete exhaustion, and the inexplicable rush of energy that overcomes you when crossing the finish line and I thought to myself, “I want to do that”.

I had never heard of a triathlon before watching Kona, but a little while after, a friend told me she was training for a triathlon. She invited me to be her Sherpa (the person that would help her out on race day to carry her stuff, before and after the race). While at the race, I saw the Team Z tents set up. I was too shy to come up to the tent to talk to anyone, so I looked them up online, did some research about triathlon and played Sherpa for my friend at a few other races, and finally in 2009, decided to join the team.

I love Team Z! I have made many new friends on the team, learned a lot about the sport, and in the 3 years that I’ve been training with the team, I’ve completed over 15 triathlons, 11 sprint and olympic distance, and 4 half iron distance triathlons. I’m now training for Ironman Lake Placid with the team, my first full iron distance.

Training with the team is fun! The support you’ll receive not only from the coaches, but other members, is amazing.

I’ve discovered that my body is capable of more than I had ever imagined, and that I’m stronger than I ever thought possible, not only physically, but mentally. You have to train your mind to be able to do long distance endurance races!

I recently started teaching bootcamp on Wednesday nights with Team Z MD, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to give back to the team and help the other members achieve their triathlon and fitness goals.