Valerie Dix

I like to joke with myself that I am an athlete in a bigger girl’s body.  I was ALWAYS the girl who was envious of her college roommate’s athletic talents and accomplishments, her friends running in marathons, and the crazy people who did Ironman triathlons on tv. After I expressed an interest in doing a triathlon and with a little nudging from a friend, I attempted my first race in 2010 and a few months later I found Team Z.  Team Z has fully embraced me as a member of the Z family and has given me the knowledge, support, and structure that I was looking for both in a triathlon team and in a social group.  Not only have I gained so many invaluable friendships but more importantly I have gained confidence in myself that has allowed me to continue to do things that I never thought was possible.  With the support of coaches, friends, and mentors I continue to grow as a person and an athlete and just one year after joining the Z family I tackled my biggest challenge to date and successfully completed Ironman Cozumel. Since I have joined this family I often refer back to my favorite Dr. Suess book, “Oh the Places You’ll Go,” because I believe that I have stumbled upon a pretty amazing journey.