Team Z was founded in the Arlington neighborhood of Balston.   In the beginning, team members only met on one weekend day for a group ride or run.   The program has evolved over the years.   While we now provide access to group training, social, or educational events on almost every day of the year it is important to note that we are intended to be a weekend-based program.

Though founded in Arlington, current Team Z members live all over the Virginia, DC, and Maryland area. It’s a big town, and traffic is not the easiest. That makes it hard for a person to drive 1 hour each way to do a 30-minute run. Therefore, Team Z holds its run and bike group training, social events, guest speakers and educational clinics on weekends. The locations for these group workouts and events will move around the entire DMV.   And while every event is not convenient for everyone, by hosting our key events on weekends we feel like we are not excluding anyone from participation with this team.

You will have access to a social, run, ride, or educational event on almost every weekend day of the year.   Long bike rides and long runs are held on Saturday and Sunday mornings, and those days can flip flop (ride on one, run on the other). We bring in expert guest speakers and offer dozens of weekend educational clinics each calendar year. Our weekend social schedule is chocked full and our race support infrastructure is unparalleled (we work hard to provide this not just for you, but for your family and friends as well).

While our program is designed to be a weekend based training and educational program, we’ve also evolved to include opportunities for weekday technique instruction that are typically based in the neighborhood where we were founded. Weekday swim practices are available where team members can train with a coach and motivate each other, or we also have space available to teach people from scratch if necessary. We also have several organized social rides and runs – these are primarily based out of the Arlington and Reston areas.