Team wide happy hours move around the Northern Virginia Area and are hosted about every third week during the year.   We also host annual events such as holiday and season opening/ending parties.   These are the typical types of socials you’ll experience with most any other athletic club or team.

What’s different with Team Z is that we make everything we do a social event!While weekday runs and rides are not hosted all over the DMV, those we have in the Arlington and Reston Areas are typcially followed by a stop at the bar or a local restaurant.

And while it is not a guaranteed – many of our weekend runs, rides, and clinics will be supported by “Hercules IV”. Hercules IV is our team trailer that has a very specific job.  ..sorry.   Hercules does not transport triathlon or other sports related equipment.   Hercules’ job is to safegaurd and transport Team Z’s arsenal of social equipment.  Need to conjure up a happy hour for 80 people in a grass field 25 miles from a 7-eleven?   Call Team Z and Hercules.   We’ll make it happen for you.

There is no limit to what we can provide in terms of “actual food and beverage”. The important thing is that we do provide those things.   Social environments thrive around food and drink.   There is no better way to support a team than by providing shelter and comfort at the end of a long group ride or run where members will eventually be spread over the course of miles.   Providing our members access to tents, tables, chairs, heaters, fans, ice, ice water, burger, dogs, brats, ice-cream, frozen grapes is the best way to welcome people home from a long workout.

Keeping those bellies full and souls warm while the feet are kicked up – that’s what keeps people around to enjoy conversation with teammates. What makes Team Z different?   Burgers I guess!