Team Z has long partnered with a masters swimming program, now called L4 (Lane Four). L4, which has grown into the third largest masters adult swimming program in the country, provides athletes with superior coaching and convenient locations.

L4’s membership includes Team Zers and non-triathletes of all abilities and backgrounds. Membership in Team Z is not required to participate in L4 masters swimming workouts. Certain practices are better suited for different types of L4 and Team Z members. Some of our pools are traditionally structured swim practices which include strokes other than freestyle and interval training. Others are more suited for the triathlete where we focus primarily on freestyle.

New to swimming? No problem, we’ve got you covered. Ed will take you to a pool where nobody dives in, nobody does flip turns, and the only stroke we swim is freestyle. As triathletes we only get a few hours a week in the pool, so we must make it count. There’s no need to learn a flip turn if you are only swimming in a lake! Coach Ed will make sure that you end up in the right place, and that you leave your first swim practice with a smile!