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Date(s) - 04/13/2018
All Day

Dedmon Center, VA


1,000 and 1,650 yard freestyle events

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In recent years – they have added 5 heats of the 1,000 and 4 heats of the mile (1,650).   So there will be 80 spots in the mile and 120 in the 1,000.   There is also a requirement to submit your time – and it has to be recorded….

  1. From previous meet results (use yours from last year if you can find it) or…
  2. We time you in practice and then submit that time to the meet manager on your behalf.   Just ask ANY coach on deck to help you – we’ll make it happen.

We can time you at any swim practice.   If you do not get a time this Tues or Thurs., and do not know your time when you want to enter on Sunday… If the form requires you to enter a time to complete the online entry – “ESTIMATE YOUR TIME” and then have us help time you in subsequent weeks and send in the correction.


  • For the mile (1,650):   Take your time to swim 100 yards at an easy pace.   Then multiply it by 16.5.   So 2:00/100 yards would become a 33:00 entry time for the mile.
  • For the 1,000:   Take your time to swim 100 yards at an easy pace.   Then multiply it by 10.   So 2:00/100 yards would become a 20:00 entry time for the 1,000.



Some more information/Thoughts about the swim meet – for those of you who are new to this….

 The cost is about $30 to swim.   And this is FUN.   No – you do not have to dive in unless you want to.   MOST (at the very least MANY) of the participants will be your teammates.   And they swim the meet fastest to slowest by “heat”.   A heat has 8 people in it, you each get your own lane (no sharing!).

Because the heats run fastest to slowest, by the time “we” (Team Z Triathletes) swim, all the fast people have gone home and the only people who remain are also newer swimmers – but most are Team Zrs!

Everyone (or at the very least MOST) of the people in your heat will NOT dive in the pool they will start from a push off the wall.   You don’t have to do flip turns, and you don’t have to count your laps.   We’ll take turns using “lap counters” and count laps for each other.

We have done this meet several times in the past.  Last year we had about 30 people swim – and I expect a similar feel this year so should have a huge crew there, and trust me…

The feedback from past participants is that they LOVE it.   This is a great way for our newer team members with little swimming experience to build confidence in what you have learned over the winter and since you have joined the team.   VERY LOW stress, very low key event.   TRUST ME.

This race is perfect for…

  • Veterans to test themselves against prior year times.
  • Newer swimmers to test themselves in a SAFE – NON-THREATING – NON-INTIMIDATING environment.   This is a pool.   You can stop and rest if and when you want.   And the meet directors and officials are VERY supportive of the newer athletes!   The love to see the new people swim.

I even saw one meet official tear up when….a Zr finished her swim and looked up at me and said “I did it!   I can’t believe I just swam 1,000 yards without stopping”.  I also had a man pull me aside into an alcove and give me a hug ”“ because he never thought he’d ever be able to swim a mile.   Do not be nervous, let’s set the goal.   ENTER THE “FRIDAY NIGHT EVENT” (lets not call it a race!).   Let’s go folks!   This will be awesome!

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