• Cheer Option 1:
    If you plan on driving, want to be at the race start, and want to go to the bike remote cheer stations (#2 or #3), I would”¦See the very beginning of the swim start (pro men and women), bolt for your car and head out to Cheer Stations #2 and/or #3. You will not be able to drive back to the resort until after 6:00 PM when the bike course opens. Once the bike course opens, you can drive to Cheer Station #1/HQ to see Z’s cross the finish line. At this point, you could either drive back down Montée Ryan to get to Cheer Station #4, or stay on the route around the Village associated with Cheer Station #1/HQ.
  • Cheer Option 2:
    If you want to go to remote cheer stations (#2 or #3) but don’t want to drive, I would”¦Use the shuttle bus to get you to Cheer Station #2 or #3. You can take the shuttle back to the Village and Cheer Station #1 later in the day. You can take the shuttle back out on the run course to Cheer Station #4, and when your athlete passes, take the shuttle back to the finish line. Be sure to do the pace calculations to ensure that the shuttle will get you back before your athlete; if your athlete is faster, watch him/her on the first loop, and then take the shuttle to the finish.
  • Cheer Option 3:
    If you don’t want to move around and prefer to be close to the transition finish line area, I would”¦.Base yourself at Cheer Station #1/HQ and  hop around to the hilly part of the bike course, out on the run course, and back to the finish.
  • Cheer Option 4:
    If you have crossed the Finish Line and you are now an Ironman for the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd time, this is what to do next”¦Bask in your awesomeness! Get some food, take a shower, and come out to Cheer Station #4 and cheer on the back-of-the-packers. They will get a jolt of energy seeing that medal around your neck! Encourage your friends and family to tag along. Just tell them you want to support your teammates and hang out with your friends. The more, the merrier, especially on this part of the course.

Team Z will provide cheering accessories including cow bells, stadium horns, fun costumes, and green and blue glowing necklaces and bracelets at our tents. In years past Team Z has been identified as IRONMAN SUPERFANS by local media outlets. Let’s keep our reputation solid, let’s show the racers how much they and the effort they are putting forth mean to us.



  • 7:00 AM:  CHEER OPTION #1 ”“ drive to Cheer Station #2 or #3
    Get in your car right as the race starts (and before the roads close for the race) and head over to either Cheer Station #2 or #3. The bike course will be open, so it’s a 10”“20 minute drive to either cheer station.Be aware that once the Pro’s are on the bike course you will have to drive through the Mont-Tremblant old village to get to the cheer stations and it will take longer.
  • 8:15 AM ish:
    Spectators watch Z’s exit the swim then head to other side of resort to watch bike out (see map of Pedestrian Village). The fastest Z’s will take about an hour for the swim. Everyone will be out of the water by 9:20AM. You cannot see someone exit the swim and make it to the bike out to see them mount and take off on their bike, so consider where you’d like to be located before they finish the swim.
  • 8:30 AM ish  –  CHEER OPTION #2 ”“ shuttle to Cheer Station #2 or #3
    Take the shuttle to Cheer Station #2 or #3.

               CHEER OPTION #3 ”“ staying in the Pedestrian Village
               Base yourself at Cheer Station #1/HQ and head to the various cheer spots in walking distance
to cheer on the Z’s as they  progress through the course.

Make sure you know expected times and speeds, do the math, and keep in mind that your athlete would pass Cheer Station #2 twice (because it’s an out and back). Around 11:30 AM is when Z’s should be arriving at Cheer Station #2, but make sure that you know the specifics for your athlete.

Cheer Station #3 is at roughly miles 43, 45, 99 and 101. Most athletes will be at least 4.5 hours in to their ride by the time they get here. Most athletes will take around 1:45”“2 hours to get from Cheer Station #2 to Cheer Station #3. You would have sufficient time to get from one to the other and see the athletes at both places. Keep in mind that if you stay to see people at their mile 101 at Cheer Station #3, you probably will not make it back to the Pedestrian Village to see them start the run; but you can head to Cheer Station #4, and see them on the run course. Cheer Station #4 is an easy drive from Cheer Station #3.

  • 12:00 PM – Eat at Cheer Station #3
  • 4:00 PM ish  –  CHEER OPTION #4 ”“ deep in the darkness of the run course 

    Cheer station #4 will be on the run course between Montée Ryan and the Mont-Tremblant Old Village. Be sure to ask at one of the support meetings for the exact location. We expect the Cheer Station to be between miles 3”“10.5 of the first loop and miles 15”“23 of the second loop.