Food and Water

On race day we will have some type of food, soda, and beer on ice at the three remote cheer stations and you are welcome to partake if so desired! If you have any plans to eat at one of the remote cheer stations, please make a “donation” via Eventbrite (  to help cover the cost of supplies! $10 per lunch/dinner plus $1 per drink is the suggested amount. HQ/Cheer Station #1 will be at Mont-Tremblant Pedestrian Resort and you’ll have access to a ton of food options. One other scenario we are considering is to locate two of the remote cheer stations near restaurants and each person is responsible for feeding themselves. If we go that route, we will let you know.

Spectators please read this carefully and make sure you have a plan for food and water. Spectating is a very, very long day, sometimes 20+ hours, and there are parts of the course that are remote with no access to restaurants (these are usually the quietest, where the athletes need you the most). Have a plan for transportation and food. We will not be able to supply enough water for everyone all day ”“ please have enough water for yourself, and some to share.

If you are looking for something to eat, whether it be at Saint Jovite, the old village or the Mont-Tremblant Pedestrian resort, there are a TON of options to choose from. There are too many to list so check out the website:

Grocery Stores

Mont-Tremblant Old Village

  • Marche Village- 1979, ch du Village Mont-Tremblant, QC J8E 1K4, Canada+1 819-425-3604
    This store is located on the main pedestrian walkway at the village on the run route, before the finish line.

Saint Jovite

  • Metro Supermarket- 1011 Rue de Saint Jovite,Mont-Tremblant, QC J8E 3J9, Canada, +1 819-425-3381,
  • Super C Mont-Tremblant- 420 Hwy 117, Mont-Tremblant, QC J8E 2X5, Canada, +1 819-429-6322,
  • IGA Marché Robert Tellier St-Jovite- 412 Québec 117, Mont-Tremblant, QC J8E 2X5, Canada, +1 819-681-0330,


It is difficult for us to carry enough water to cover everyone all day, and we will be low on coolers due to other races on the same weekend. We will have sodas and alternative beverages at the remote cheer stations. We will also offer some other food options whether it be sandwiches, pizza, chips, fruit, etc. If you vote, and buy tickets, please come and eat! Otherwise, we’ll be left with tons of food that will be donated to the fire department. The food is for FAMILY AND Z’s cheering! EAT IT! We’re planning for lots of participation in grub, drinks, and “dranks”. Most spectators don’t appreciate how long an Ironman day is ”“ for some it’s a 20 hour day ”“ plan your meals. We won’t have ALL meals offered at ALL cheer spots ”“ so review the plan, watch for the emails, and make sure you know where you can get food.


Link to Eventbrite: