We have lots of moving pieces this weekend, and lots of people who have helped to make this weekend possible. If we are talking “big picture” and the entire season, of course the list is too long to include here”¦ there are saggers and ride leads and run leads and clinic guest lecturers and on and on and on. But some of our cast of characters that deserve special recognition that you will see around this weekend include:

Valerie Dix – Valerie and the coaches are in constant communication all year. She regularly looks at our calendar and plans ahead to offer her services for whatever we have coming up. She has helped with impromptu clinics, aid stations, time trials, cheer stations, kickoffs, the list goes on and on. In her “spare” time Val is one of our mentors, helping new Z’s feel comfortable and navigate the logistics of the team. And thanks to Val, you have a fancy bio section of this cheer guide! When you see Val around, THANK HER!

Bel Serocki – Bel assisted Val Dix with the very cool bios. An Ironman Florida vet, Bel is “paying forward” the support she received from Team Z during her Ironman training in 2013. Bel has been known to attend long team rides just to support friends and teammates. She always greets people with a very big smile, offers of apple sauce, sweet and salty snacks, and is always willing to provide any support teammates need, including cheering in the very last riders on a 7+ hour ride. Bel will be one of our big cheerleaders at both Ironman Mont-Tremblant and Cozumel this year.

Janet Chow and Lisa Folb – These two veteran Z’s volunteered to organize and deploy our elite Team Z cheer squads. We’re talking about, making signs, creating costumes and just plain getting folks organized and having a plan. They both bring great ideas, creativity and tons of energy and enthusiasm. Amazing cheer squads is one of the things that makes Team Z so special and unique. Please be sure to thank them, especially when you’re alone at mile 20 of the run, it’s pitch black, and suddenly, there are Z’s there calling your name and encouraging you to finish.

Liz Kollar– Liz is an employee of WTC assigned the task of supporting the clubs and teams that participate in Ironman events. This is a relatively new position, and Liz is perfect at it! From the moment we met her while planning Lake Placid, Liz has been nothing but helpful. She has allowed us access to people and information we’ve never had in the past, because of Liz our cheer stations have the support of Ironman course directors. And because of Liz, there is now a club competition THAT WE WON AT LAKE PLACID. When you see Liz around, THANK HER! If not, e-mail her a thank you at triclub@ironman.com.