We’ve talked about how our team sets an annual race calendar and that it is up to the individual as to what races they choose to participate in each season (whether it is on our team’s calendar or not). No matter what races fit your personal schedule and goals we do encourage you to participate in as many team events as possible. Why? Simple…


You will learn to expect a higher level of service when you participate in a Team Z event. When you arrive at a race site you will expect to find a “Team Z HQ”. Our HQ typically consists of rental tents (think big white ones) with plenty of chairs and tables for you and your family or friends.

We will provide breakfast around 2 hours before each race start. We’ll have fresh coffee, toasted bagels, waffle stations, baccon, fresh fruit, oatmeal, and tea. While you are out racing we’ll continue to take care of your friends and family as we switch gears to preparing burgers, dogs, brats, chicken and the like. Veggie burgers are available on request and we’ll be happy to help you cook anything you bring if you have special needs.

Outside of the normal meals you’ll have refridgerators with soda, seltzer, and adult beverage along with ice cream or other treats. We even have a tv on site when the big games are in the mix.

Social is driven by food, shelter, and comfort. That’s always our goal – to make you and your family truly enjoy your experience when participating with Team Z. This is why we like to call ourselves a social organization with a triathlon problem!

At many team races we will also coordinate team dinners the night(s) before the event. Some time its as simple as a few reserved tables in a restaurant.   Other times it is as involved as a 200 person dinner in a banquet room with a panel of professional triathletes taking Q&A.  At big time travel races (like Ironman events or other out of town travel) we will work to leverage the size of our team to negotiate discounted travel and lodging.

At logistically challenging “spectator” events like an Ironman – you can expect Team Z to set up “cheer stations” on the course. These are places that your family and friends can drive to an expect to find shelter, food, drink, a chair, and even access to restrooms. We’ll hire our private port o pot to make sure your mom and dad don’t need to curb the number of adult beverages they enjoy while watching you swim, bike, and run for up to 140.6 miles!