From day one Team Z strives to provide athletes the knowledge they need to not just survive our sport, but to thrive”¦ to get the most out of their training and racing, and to be happy and healthy triathletes!

While learning takes place across many different mediums, we have created a structured, formal “curriculum” to ensure that all of our athletes have access to the information they need to start, or continue, their triathlon career successfully.

The clinics and other learning opportunities are almost exclussively held on weekends at locations easily accessible by traveling the beltway. We will leverage local experts and guest speakers (if not Coach Ed himself) to teach our athletes in subjects such as (not all inclussive):

Running, Biking, Swimming Equipment: What do you really need and where do you get it?
Running, Biking, and Swimming Etiquette: How to communicate in the group environments
Running, Biking, Swimming Technique: You’ll be winning gold medals in all three!
Heart Rate Training and Season Planning
Race Strategy and Race Planning
Rules, Transitions, and What to expect on Race Day
Woman’s only clinic
Injury Prevention
Bike Maintenance
Dressing for winter training and racing
Bike Maintenance