Our weekend runs and rides are well organized events. There is a run and a ride on almost every weekend day. You can expect workout leaders that are there to welcome and teach you. You can expect supervised workouts with sag drivers, sign in sheets, post workout grub and social. While everyone is expected to be able to take care of themselves, we try hard to make it a bit easier for you. And more fun!

Our weekend rides and runs alternate between this side of the beltway, and that. We change it up every week to keep things fresh. We’ll take you to places that make you understand why they call it “road biking”. One day we will have a foam roller class followed by a guest speaker at a clinic in Merrifield, and the the next day we could be running on the mall. The next group workout is a killer bike ride starting in Poolesville, Md.

Can’t make a workout? That’s OK” you are not alone, we are not all full-time triathletes! Team Z’ers have hectic jobs, families, hobbies, church, travel, all kinds of “stuff” to balance while navigating their training. Team Z’s educational curriculum and program design empowers athletes to understand not just what workouts to do on what day, but why and how they are doing them” allowing them to train with us when they can fit our group workouts in or on their own when they can’t.