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Training for a triathlon is not something a person can do in just a few days. Typically, a competitor may set aside weeks or even months to get their body into the shape they want for the big race day. Those who have never raced a triathlon before may have no idea where to start. Others may just need a little extra motivation to continue keeping up with workouts. Team Z offers triathlon Training Clubs Virginia residents rely on to kickstart their fitness journey. We are experienced athletes ourselves and have been assisting people who want to get ready for a triathlon for more than 12 years. Here are a few basic do’s and dont’s we recommend for our athletes:

Do Include Rest in Workout Schedule

Competitors should include rest in their workout regimen, so they do not burn themselves out by doing too much. If you overexert your body, you may injure yourself and then it will take even longer before you can get back into your normal workout routine. Beginners and experienced athletes alike may want to consult with a trainer at Team Z  and participate in one of Team Z’s triathlon training clubs in Virginia for advice on how to prevent burning out prior to the race.

Do Keep Your Workouts Simple

Many people may forget that simple workouts can be the best way to obtain your fitness goals. Complex workouts can keep your mind busy, but may not enable your body enough time to adapt. If you want to gain strength in running, swimming and cycling, that should be your focus. A Team Z trainer can help you plan your workouts to maximize your results and will also help you incorporate stretching and simple strength training into your regimen. Team Z uses group training through triathlon clubs in Virginia to keep even simple and repetitive workouts interesting.

Don’t Workout in Haste

Triathletes may want to get through as many workouts as possible, as a way to obtain personal goals faster. A healthier approach to fitness training before a triathlon can be to work with a trainer at Team Z to create a weekly program that is ideal for you, leaving plenty of time to prepare for race day. What one person can accomplish in one week may differ compared to someone else. Even more importantly, the way to truly build stamina is not through rapid, large quantities of exercise. Instead, the months prior to a triathlon should include workouts that fluctuate in volume and intensity. Team Z can help you find triathlon training clubs in Virginia to keep you accountable and motivated through the hard, and sometimes slow, work.

Don’t Forget to Eat Enough

A common problem triathletes may have during training, is forgetting they need to take in enough calories per day. A trainer at Team Z can talk with you more about what a healthy diet looks like based on your current weight, height, age, and what your fitness goals entail. We do not recommend skipping out on any meals, as you need to give your body fuel in order to complete your workouts. If you find yourself feeling fatigued, unable to finish a workout, extremely thirsty, experience headaches or any other symptoms, it could mean that you are not eating enough or are dehydrated.

We understand how much hard work and perseverance is involved in such an endurance sport. Contact us today to book a free consultation with a Team Z trainer from one of our triathlon training clubs Virginia athletes rely on to take them the distance in their triathlon journey.