Virginia Triathlon Training ProgramsVirginia Triathlon Training Programs  

Anyone who is training for a triathlon understands just how critical training is for competing. They know it takes discipline, motivation, and the commitment to work hard to continually improve. There are several fundamental mistakes that many triathlon trainers see triathletes make and continue to make as they are training. These mistakes can seriously hamper any progress the triathlete could make leading up to the competition. The following is a brief overview of those mistakes. To find out more details and to see how Virginia triathlon training programs from Team Z can help you achieve your goals, contact our facility today.

Status Quo

One of the most common mistakes that a triathlete can make is to do the same training week after week. There is no change up to their training, other than to increase the volume of what they are doing. Running and cycling are typically just racking up miles. When it comes to swim training, they limit themselves to either swimming alone and just doing laps or, if they do venture out, they only get as far as their local Masters group.

With no real thought to training, there will likely not be long-term improvement. In order to achieve those goals, a triathlete must evolve each week throughout the training leading up to the competition. Triathletes must challenge their bodies in different ways every time they train, otherwise, their bodies will not learn how to constantly adapt, one of the critical keys to a successful triathlon.

What is needed to be successful is a focused training which will continuously improve step by step to get the competition-ready peak you are striving for. This can be done in three phases:

  •       Base phase
  •       Build phase
  •       Peak phase

If you are considering enrolling in one of the Virginia triathlon training programs we offer to get you race ready, contact Team Z today.


Another mistake that training triathletes make is to not work on their own technique. In order to successfully compete in a triathlon, you need to be able to harness energy efficiency. Having a good technique will help decrease the energy grab during swimming, cycling, and running. Some triathletes do have a technique for swimming, but the majority of no technique when it comes to running or cycling.

At Team Z, we offer several Virginia triathlon training programs that provide different ways to improve technique. Some of these programs involve the following types of training:

  •       Perform at very fast and very short intervals
  •       Technique drills, including butt kicks, high knees, and spin out
  •       Concentrate on form while you are cycling, running, and swimming.

Know Your Weakness

Although most people would rather spend time doing the things they do well, it is critical if you are involved in one of the Virginia triathlon training programs Team Z offers to spend time doing the things you are not that strong in. But if you are really serious about reaching your maximum improvement level, then this step is critical. Knowing what your weaknesses are and working on improving them will lead you to eliminating those weakness and getting you that much closer to your goals.