There are more than 250 members on our team. A great weekend ride might have 80 riders – more typical is around 50. A fun track practice could have 25-30 people, but we might also only see 10! The reality of our lives is that we are not professional triathletes. Our priorities lie first with our families, professions, and our communities. Triathlon is supposed to fill the cracks – when it works with your schedule! It is just not realistic to expect people to drive 45 minutes to a 40-minute run during rush hour in the driving rain. Not in this town.

As mentioned – it’s a big city and it takes an hour to get anywhere! Your training plan will typically have a run, bike or swim that lasts anywhere from 20-60 minutes on a weekday (Friday’s are always off). Most of our team members will sneak in their 20-60-minute swim, bikes, or runs at lunch or whenever convenient. The busier the team member, the more often this is true. But if work or live location, schedule, and priorities align – you will find a social group run or ride most Monday-Thursday starting at around 6:30 PM.

There are social runs on Monday’s out of Ballston and Reston. Those runs are normally followed by a trip to the local restaurant or Pub. Tuesday’s you will find a social group ride out of Haines Point. Wednesday we’ll have track workouts from W&L High School and sometimes at Herndon High School as well. Thursdays there are social rides around Lake Barcroft (Falls Church) and from the Bike Lane Store in Reston.

While it is simply not realistic for people to regularly attend weekday workouts what is important to note is that they do happen all year round, and they are always staffed by Team Z coaches who are there to teach you to become a better runner, biker, or swimmer. So, while you can’t make it every time – maybe 1 track practice every 3 weeks is in the cards. Talk to the boss and set aside 1 Wednesday evening every 3 or 4 weeks where you come in early and skate out in time to make it to track practice. Why make the effort? Because – we are there to teach you as part of your membership. We do not want you to have to pay for private lessons unless that’s your speed. Technique instruction is part of your monthly due – it’s all included. So. What happens if you want to learn but there is no chance you can ever make it to the weekday workouts? No worries – come to a weekend workout and let Coach Ed know you’d like some one on one time. We’ll make sure you get what you need, that’s a promise. All you must do is ask!