Work With The Best Triathlon Trainers Washington, DC Has To Maximize Your Triathlon Training Periodization

Best Triathlon Trainers Washington, DCNot every person who enters a triathlon is trying to win first place, but the majority of people are trying to finish. Working with the best triathlon trainers in Washington, DC can make a big difference in your performance, whether you are new to triathlon races or have been competing in them for years.  You may need some help getting prepared for such a big event. A trainer at Team Z can work with you based on your current body fitness level, and help get you to where you imagine for the triathlon. Our company has been working with people who want to amp up their fitness for many years. We are more than happy to share our insight with you.

Going into a triathlon for the very first time without training with the best Washington, DC triathlon trainers may do more harm to your body than you imagined. Those who do not get advice from a trainer, may be at a greater likelihood for getting seriously injured. We highly recommend meeting with a fitness professional, so receive guidance regarding workouts, nutrition, and other aspects of your health.

Periodization for Endurance Sports

As with most of the endurance sports out there, triathlon training includes a technique called periodization. This is a cyclic training plan that a person follows over a duration of time. The ultimate goal of this training tactic is for the competitor to reach peak performance by the time race day has arrived and the best triathlon trainers serving Washington, DC will help you get the most benefits from this technique.

The 3 Segments of Periodization

Periodization can be used for people who have never tried a triathlon before. So those with limited sport or triathlon experience can benefit from this method too. A trainer at Team Z can talk with you further about what types of workouts periodization entails. This training plan usually breaks down into three segments:

  1. Base = the initial few weeks focus on muscles and movement of the body.
  2. Build = after the base phase, the next step is focusing on endurance and building up power for distance. Some weeks include recovery, where the volume goes down to almost half but the intensity may increase. The goal of the build segment is to put pressure on the body so it adapts and grows in strength. The recovery weeks permit the body to repair itself.
  3. Race Prep and Taper = the last couple weeks before the triathlon, the volume slowly decreases as focus changes to race preparation.

About the Race

In a triathlon, a competitor commonly has to run, swim and bike across many miles of various terrain. Open-water swims may mean that competitors are combatting choppy water, where they must learn how to swim in unpredictable conditions and in a straight path to avoid getting off course. A trainer at Team Z can give you little tips for your triathlon, that can substantially make your life easier as you are battling the weather inclements and transitioning from one leg to another. Receiving insight from a trained professional who has likely done many triathlons, can be immensely valuable in how your race turns out.

Please call us today so we can book your first free consultation with the best triathlon trainers Washington, DC trusts at Team Z! We can’t wait to hear about how we can help you in your triathlon fitness journey!