Tips for Improving Your Swim

How To Get The Most Out Of Your TrainingAny triathlon coach in Virginia will tell you that swimming is a big part of a triathlon. Swimming in a triathlon isn’t the same as swimming competitively. While you want to complete the distance as quickly as possible in both, triathlon swimming requires you to be more efficient. This is so you can have more energy for the running and biking portions of the race. With that being said, here are some suggestions from a Virginia triathlon coach with Team Z to improve your swim:

Practice Regularly

Many triathletes focus their training on running and biking and don’t dedicate enough time to swimming. In order to get better, it’s important to swim at least three or four days a week. If the weather is poor and you can’t practice in open water, at least try to practice in an indoor swimming pool.

Swim in Open Water

When it’s nice outside, be sure to practice your swim in open water.  Although swimming in a pool can help you improve your stroke, it’s not the same as swimming in open water. If you practice swimming in a lake, you will learn how to sight and navigate currents better. If you want to wear a wetsuit during the triathlon, practice with it in the lake first. If the wetsuit feels uncomfortable in any way, you will have time to exchange it for a different one.  Working with a triathlon coach for Virginia can help you to be more confident in open water.

Avoid Kicking Too Deep

The way you kick your legs can make a real difference in how fast you swim. If you kick too deep under the water and too aggressively, it can actually slow you down. That’s why you should try to kick at the surface of the water.

Increase Strength in Your Shoulders

You use your shoulders a lot when you swim, so they must be strong. The stronger your shoulders are, the faster you can swim without getting fatigued. A Virginia triathlon coach would say you should incorporate strength training into your training regimen. Exercises like shoulder presses, lateral raises and plate raises can help you develop stronger shoulders for your swim. If you’re new to weight training, consider working with a personal trainer. He or she can show you how to do the exercises correctly and reduce your risk of injury.

Work With a Coach

If you are struggling to improve your swim, you may want to work with a triathlon coach in Virginia. A skilled coach can detect the mistakes you may be making and suggest ways to improve. By working with a coach, you can improve your technique and feel more confident about your swim during race day. A coach will also keep you accountable. You will be less likely to skip swim practices if you know your coach is waiting for you.

If you follow these tips, you can become a better swimmer and be ready for the triathlon. Remember to give it your all during each practice and take rest days when needed. If you need assistance training for the race, contact a professional triathlon coach Virginia from Team Z today!