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Ways to Improve Your Triathlon Training

Those who are gearing up for their first triathlon or who want to improve from a prior year can rely on the advice of a triathlon coach Virginia trusts from  Team Z. We have participated in triathlons ourselves, so we understand just how intense and demanding on the body such races can be. There are several ways you can work on getting faster, but we recommend having a trainer guide you to prevent overexertion. If you push yourself too hard and break your body, you may require even more rest time than you’d like in order to recover.

Take Rests as Part of Your Workout Regimen

A Virginia triathlon coach at Team Z is likely to suggest that you do not have a really tough running session within the 1-2 days after an intense cycling or swimming workout. Those who have never participated in a triathlon before, may not realize how crucial it is to set certain workouts apart in addition to giving your body time to rest.

Adding a Run to Your Week Workout

If you are going for runs about 2-3 days every week, you can increase your stamina by including just one more, shorter aerobic run to your training plan. Some competitors may find that even a workout of 20-30 minutes can be plenty enough to notice an increase in speed.

How to Increase Running Speed

Competitors may think that running as many days as they can per week is the way to increase stamina. This may not be the case, as those who run four to fives times in a week may actually want to remove a run to increase their speed. Preparing for a triathlon does not mean just pushing your body as hard and fast as you can. Doing so may result in serious injuries, particularly on race day.

Evaluate Your Training Schedule

Beginners to triathlons may have no idea where to start when it comes to creating their workout schedule. A Virginia-based triathlon coach at Team Z can consult with you about your fitness goals, and outline a schedule that may work best for you. Every person is different, and we like to get to know you better so the training plan suits you best. Intermediate to advanced triathlon runners may be focused on things such as reducing time or being one of the first to finish. The majority of competitors simply want to finish, as such a race can be trying on both your physical and mental strength.

Why Hire a Trainer

Those who are starting out as new triathlon competitors may be too shy to meet with a trainer about their fitness goals. A new competitor may want to try doing their own research and taking a more independent approach initially. But, not having a professional guide your workouts can result in serious injury. Let a local Virginia triathlon coach help you along the way.

Please contact us right away if there is a triathlon coming up that you would like to start training for now. Please call to book your slot with a knowledgeable and motivating trainer at Team Z, with a  triathlon coach Virginia athletes trust.