triathlon training group washington dcTriathlon Group Training Program in Washington, DC

Team Z offers a renowned triathlon group training program Washington, DC residents have been using for over a decade to get stronger for race day. Training for a triathlon can take months of hard work. In order for a competitor to be successful during the race, he or she must take the time to properly prepare. Competitors who want help staying motivated and on track of their progress, can rely on the knowledge of a trainer at Team Z. No matter your fitness level, we have worked with people just like you, from the beginning athlete to the seasoned racer, and everyone in between who wants to perform their best on race day. Here are some tips that all competitors must know about when it comes to the training process:

Don’t Train Too Hard

Competitors who train too hard and all of the time, may not perform as well as they’d hoped during the race. A thorough training plan often incorporates rest days or weeks, in order for the body to recover. A trainer at Team Z understands the importance of taking breaks for your body to recuperate. There is a science behind training plans, and rest or lighter workout weeks are put in place for a reason. Team Z’s Washington, DC triathlon group training program also makes programming fun by engaging you with fellow athletes.

Focus on Your Progress

Triathletes may get caught up in the idea of meeting huge goals very quickly. This may not be the way to go, since pushing your body too hard all at once may lead to burnout and even injuries. It may be a healthier approach to set smaller goals, so you know you are making progress over the course of time. Team Z’s focus on group triathlon training program for Washington, DC residents helps you to put your progress in perspective, learn from other athletes, and make sure that you keep “having fun” at the top of your goal list, right next to setting a new personal record.

Eat Right, and Enough

Some competitors may become overly concerned about what they are putting into their bodies, to the point that their relationship with food becomes unhealthy. This may be particularly true for triathletes who also want to lose weight as part of their training goals. Team Z coaches do not recommended skipping out on meals or avoiding sugar altogether, as it can lead to poor performance in training and on race day and can also be dangerous for your health. Undereating can do severe damage to your body especially when combined with intense training.

Keep Workouts Simple

A competitor who loves doing complicated exercises may feel mentally stimulated but his or her body may not have a chance to adapt to such movement. Team Z coaches advocate keeping workouts simple and effective. Team Z programming is straightforward, incorporating simple and effective strength training and stretching to compliment your swimming, biking, and running schedule. Don’t forget how crucial stretching can be! Your body cannot build the strength you want unless it has the range of motion it requires. No need to worry about boredom here, either, working out with friends in group triathlon training, such as the programming offered for Washington, DC residents by Team Z, makes even simple workouts exciting and fun.

We find great reward in helping people just like you get to the fitness levels they desire, especially if they are gearing up for a triathlon in the coming months or year. Team Z offers a  triathlon group training program Washington, DC residents trust to get them in shape for their next race. Call us today for a free consultation.