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Top Tips for the Run

If you find the running leg of a triathlon to be the most difficult part, you are certainly not alone. Many competitors may find that the run of a triathlon is a major challenge. Athletes who are getting ready for an upcoming triathlon and want advice regarding the run, can turn to the experience of Team Z, which offers renowned triathlon group training Washington, DC athletes have relied on for over a decade. In the meantime, here are a few ways that you can improve your running stamina and make the run hurt less:

#1 Slow Down

There is a time and place for running as fast as you can, pushing your pace, and chasing down every person ahead of you who isn’t wearing rocket boosters. Most training runs are not that time or place. Training runs should typically be at a relatively easy pace, where you can speak complete sentences without losing your breath. Team Z coaches will help you find this pace and build your base fitness through consistent workouts at a lower intensity. And don’t worry, Team Z’s triathlon group training sessions held in and around Washington, DC are designed to match you with peers who run at your pace to keep you accountable and having fun.

#2 Run More Often

By doing more runs per week at a lower intensity, you can build your base fitness to become more efficient for race day. This means you can train your body to use less energy on the run, making you feel stronger and increasing your endurance. However, increasing the number of running workouts with proper guidance can expose you to a risk of injury or burnout. Team Z coaches can give you a personalized recommendation to help you build your base without compromising your health. After you get your plan, you can take advantage of Team Z’s triathlon group training sessions in and around Washington, DC to get your runs in with friends.

#3 Work on Your Cadence

If you have never seen a running coach, you may have never thought about your running cadence, or the number of times you take a step each minute. Too big of a stride means you will have a longer cadence, or “overstride,” which can cause pain in your feet, legs, and hips. If you run overstride, your body will endure forces that slow you down and increase your chances of suffering an injury. A trainer can work with you to correct your cadence, so you are using energy efficiently and protecting your body.

#4 Focus on Your Form

Even experienced triathletes sometimes have to be reminded of their running stance. A common error many triathletes make, especially in the final miles of a long race, is running with a slouched, arched back position. Running with good posture means your hips are above your feet when they land, your upper body is aligned with hips, and your head is also upright. Team Z’s triathlon group training coaches in Washington, DC will address your form and make sure you stay strong and healthy throughout your training and on race day.

Team Z coaches understand that competitors may be reluctant to meet with a professional about creating a workout plan. If you are a seasoned athlete, you may be unsure about what value a coach would add to your programming. If you are a beginner, you may feel like you aren’t serious enough to hire a coach. Regardless of your situation, let us convince you that Team Z can help.  We offer free consultations to new clients so we can get to know you and your fitness goals. Then, we can create a workout program tailored for your schedule and needs to and get you ready for race day. Remember, Team Z is dedicated to supporting local athletes by offering triathlon group training Washington, DC residents trust. Call us today!