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In the months prior to a triathlon, you are likely to be focused on improving your strength and endurance for the upcoming race. But, how exactly you approach workouts can have a huge impact on whether you are progressing to reach your full potential. In addition to training, it is important for triathletes to avoid burnout by keeping a sense of fun and excitement, even on long training days. This is where a triathlon trainer Washington, DC athletes trust comes in. Team Z offers professional and dedicated help getting motivated, planning your workouts, supporting your nutrition, and making sure you have fun and keep your passion along the way. Here are a few of our trainers essential tips:

Remember What Else is Important

It is not uncommon for triathletes to get so invested in their training that they forget about other meaningful things in their life, especially if they already have a demanding work schedule. For example, time spent at the gym may take away even more from family dinners or time with friends. Team Z triathlon trainers in Washington, DC have an acute understanding of their athletes’ many obligations and while they love to see competitors invested in their progress, they encourage people to not neglect the other things which require attention. Team Z trainers can help you can find creative ways to get your workouts in while still spending time doing the other things you love. For example, if you are on a road trip have your family drop you off a half hour away from the destination and jog to meet them.

Stretches are Needed Before and After Exercise

Stretching before a workout enables your body to increase range of motion and encourage maximum energy flow. Failure to stretch properly prior to a run, bike ride or swim can cause your body react with tension, resistance, and even result in painful injuries. After you are done with the workout, do a cool down for a few minutes so you are not just stopping the movement suddenly. If you are running, consider taking half a mile or so to just walk at a normal pace while stretching things out. This can make a huge difference in how your body recovers from a really tough workout too. Team Z triathlon trainers, conveniently located near Washington, DC, can help build a stretching routine to compliment any programming.

Demonstrating vs Gaining Strength

When it comes to your workouts, there is a difference between demonstrating and gaining strength. Weightlifters focus on being able to move a certain amount of weight from one point to another within a short period. Triathletes must focus on gaining strength in order to perform multiple activities over a longer period. Team Z Team Z triathlon trainers in Washington, DC understand this difference, and can recommend training exercises that will enable you to gain strength for your race day.

It’s How You Work Out, Not Always How Much

A person can swim dozens of laps with vigor, but if they are not in the correct body position it may lead to unnecessary exertion of energy or even an injury. Many people may start their training for a triathlon through heavy and intense workouts that leave them feeling depleted. Stretching to promote flexibility and proper body positioning are key components of a good workout. Simply moving your body erratically without concern for positioning can be detrimental instead of helpful.

If you are looking for a triathlon trainer Washington, DC turns to for excellent and professional guidance, call Team Z today. Let us tell you what we can do to help support your goals and get you to the finish line.