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Dealing with Anxiety Before a Triathlon

best triathlon trainers Virginia

You’ve spent months training for the triathlon and the day is finally here. You feel nervous and self-doubt. What if I get hurt? What if I take too long to finish? There are just some of the thoughts running through your head. It’s perfectly normal to have some anxiety the day of the race. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to manage it.

The best triathlon trainers from Team Z share some tips for dealing with anxiety before a triathlon:

Believe in Your Training

Whenever you feel self-doubt, remind yourself that you trained hard for this race and made a lot of strides. You spent countless hours running, swimming, and biking and now you can finally show everyone how hard you worked. It’s important to recognize that you properly prepared for this race and are ready to finish strong.

Keep Yourself Busy

It isn’t a good idea to just sit around before a Virginia race. If you have nothing to do, it will just give you more time to doubt yourself in your mind. That’s why you should keep yourself engaged before the race. Meditate, listen to music, or do some yoga. If you keep  yourself busy, you will have less time to focus on your anxiety.

Visualize Yourself Succeeding

Another good way to ease your nerves is to mentally imagine yourself performing your very best. Try to remember specific times when you were running, biking or swimming at your peak performance and combine all those segments in your mind. Then, visualize yourself performing that way during the race.

Think About Possible Solutions

While it would be nice to block out all negative thoughts from your mind, it isn’t always possible. However, you can think about possible solutions to issues you may encounter during the race. For example, if you think that you will have difficulty finding your bike after the swim portion of the race, find specific landmarks near your bike. Then, when it comes to finding your bike, look for that certain landmark.

Ask Yourself Why You’re Racing

Whenever you feel nervous about how you’ll perform during the race, ask yourself why you decided to participate in a triathlon. You probably didn’t sign up for it to impress family and friends. The majority of people who participate in triathlons do so to test their boundaries and challenge their bodies. If you focus on the reason why you signed up for the triathlon in the first place, you can combat some of your anxiety.

Realize That You’re Not Alone

You’re racing with many other people on the day of the triathlon and most of them are probably as nervous as you are. Once you realize that, you will feel less alone and be able to finish the race with less anxiety.

If you are on the lookout for the best triathlon trainers Virginia athletes depend on, contact Team Z. We have years of experience training triathletes and can help you accomplish your goals.


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Growing up, I was never even remotely athletic, a distinct liability in a sports-mad country. Moreover, I grew to associate the idea of people being “sporty” with people who were generally obnoxious, who loved to lord their athletic prowess over others.

Triathlon, therefore, was a revelation for me: very ordinary people who were able to achieve extraordinary things. Team Z is the essence of triathlon in that regard, an amazing mix of experienced athletes (who turned out to be quite nice people) and absolute beginners, all sharing their different journeys. The team is full of people who push me when I need to be pushed and who push me when I don’t think I want to be pushed. Because the team pushes me, I’ve become something I never would have believed I could become: an athlete.

Mark Mullen


Never say never on Team Z! I never thought I would do a triathlon let alone a half Ironman. I told anyone who would listen that the only way I would ever run another marathon was if it was in an Ironman and since I was never going to do an Ironman I had nothing to worry about. Well, so much for my “never” list. With the support of Team Z, I have raced numerous short distance triathlons, several half Ironmans, raced my best injury free marathon (I beat Oprah’s time), and signed up for an Ironman.
Regardless of your experience, speed, motivation, and goals there is a place for you on Team Z. When I joined the Team in December 2011, I did not know what to expect. My old game plan was to go as fast and as hard as possible regardless of the consequences. I do not recommend this strategy. I somehow always fell to side with an injury and burned out long before I reached the start line. This all changed when I joined Team Z. With the help of the coaches and my teammates, I am learning everyday how to find balance physically, set reachable goals, listen to my body, and enjoy the experience. I have a good friend on the Team that says that all the training and hard work is the journey. Race day is the victory lap. Gotta Love Team Z!

Kathy Hsu


In 2009 I ran the Disney Marathon with my mom, accompanying her on her first 26.2 mile adventure. I remember standing at the start next to her and saying, “just think, those Ironman people have to do this after swimming 2.4 miles and biking 112”¦..freaking lunatics!.” Two years later with a couple of sprint and Olympic triathlons under my belt, and after a couple of glasses of wine, I started to wonder, “Maybe I can do an Ironman too?” So I pulled the trigger, dropped the cash, and signed up for Ironman Cozumel. This followed by immediate panic. “Oh dear God, what have I done? I haven’t the slightest clue how to train for an Ironman.” A couple months later, by chance, I ran into a Z’er outside of my work and as we started talking Triathlon, she told me about Team Z. “Why not? It can’t hurt” I thought to myself. So I joined. It didn’t take me long to realize that this team had everything I wanted: knowledgeable and supportive coaches, structured training plans for all levels and abilities, fantastic teammates, and most importantly cold beers ready for you after every race!

Scott Leary