Does triathlon team training in the DC, Virginia, or Maryland areas sound like fun? Team Z is an adult triathlon training program in Washington, D.C., Northern Virginia, and Maryland that offers programs for people of all experience and fitness levels. We are  a supportive community of athletes ranging in age and ability level, unbounded by individual goals, training for Sprint to Ironman distance, finish line chasers to world championship qualifiers. We are a social organization with a major triathlon problem… whether you are a beginner triathlete or an experienced iron distance racer… Team Z welcomes you!

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  • Team Z Blog

    South Riding Pool Sprint Details

    By: Ed Zerkle

    When: Sunday 7AM South Riding Pool Sprint Details – (Please Vote Here)

    Race Information (not much here – probably more in race packet provided at packet pickup): http://www.southriding.net/event/south-riding-triathlon1

    Location: South Riding Center, 42420 Unicorn Drive, South Riding, VA

    Team Z has been doing this race for many years. It is a great, local triathlon with strong community support. For you Westies, it is practically in your back yard. This is a small field and a smaller event – while we typically have less people do this race, we still stand out! Hard not too when you are as cool and green as we are!

    Please Vote if you are coming to race or cheer at the South Riding Sprint Triathlon on Sunday morning: https://members.triteamz.com/polls/

    Important Details:

    Packet Pick-up: Thursday, August 25 5 pm-8 pm; Saturday, August 26 9 am-12 pm (If you are unable to make those times, you may pickup your packet on Sunday morning at 5:45 am.) No one can pick up your packet for you– you have to get your own. Part of packet pick-up includes a mandatory bike and helmet check.  Packet Pickup is located at the South Riding Center – 42420 Unicorn Drive.

    The race course is contained within the community on sweet, wide, neibhorhood roads.  They are quiet in terms of cars but you’ll have plenty of people cheering in spots!  The bike course is 12 miles and the run is 3 miles

    • Bike Course Map:  https://www.plotaroute.com/route/245690
    • Run Course Map: https://www.plotaroute.com/route/246358

    Race Day Information

    5:30 AM Transition Area Opens
    6:30 AM Pool Area Opens
    6:50 AM Transition Closes
    7:00 AM Race Starts

    Parking:  From Recollection it is all first come, first served street parking.  We will be there super early to find a place to put our tent without having to carry it!

    Of note: The swim is a 400m “snake swim” in the pool. You will swim down the lane on the right side, and then back on the opposite side (just like we do at swim practice!). Once you return to the end of the lane, you duck under the lane line and continue in the next lane.

    The Team Z tent will be on the corner of Ulysses and Pelican drive-– right outside transition, and on the start of the bike course. We will have breakfast (think bagels, not pancakes) available before the race. The post race food provided by South Riding is typically very good. We used to be able to set up in the parking lot with one of our smaller trailers and that is no longer allowed.

    NOTE:  If we move (the team z tent) – it can’t be far. Look at the race course map.  Either we will be at Unicorn and Pelican or we will be somewhere on the block that surrounds the pool. It won’t be hard to find us, and we’ll be there at 5 am so come as early as you like to get good parking.

    Expect that we’ll be there with a Team Z tent, some chairs/bells/etc – as well as light breakfast foods (no grill or cooking). Bagels, fruit, coffee, water/soda. After the race we will break down pretty fast in order to get to the All Hands Run which will end around 10:30. The barbecue starts at 10:15/10:30. I’m hoping you all bring your medals to the Barbecue and join in the celebration.

    After you finish – keep an eye out for us as we will be cheering for others.  Grab a bell or just bring yourself from the finish line with your medal to help us cheer on the other finishers.

    Team Z All Hands Ride and Run – The weekend of 8/27 and 8/28

    By: Ed Zerkle

    *Anyone who would like to help us with “grill and or kitchen work” – we could use the help.  (We need the help).  Yes some dirty stuff, and then cooking and serving pampered triathletes.  

    **Anyone who would like to help us with “on course support” – we NEED the help.  

    Either role above is perfect for anyone that is not riding or running – it is a great chance to get to know people as you get involved.  New Zs…significant others?  Let me know!  (and vote on event brite to volunteer for each day)

    Ok folks – this is our big “end of the later than middle of the middle of the season” training weekend.  We throw down all of our bags of tricks and put on a celebration to recognize (in general) the peak of training for the summer as we prepare for taper (Patriots, Savageman, and Ironman Maryland).

    We will ride on Saturday, we will run on Sunday.   We will have rolling start times so that we can get our longer riders/runners in as soon as possible, but also allow others to workout with us without having to get up at an obscene hour!  After each workout this weekend we will have a barbecue hosted by Cajun Catering aka Team Strike Out MS.   The ask for participation in our barbecue is $15.  All proceeds go to charity.  Team Z subsidizes the supplies and food in order that they make a reasonable amount for their time and effort.


    The week of 8/22 – 8/29 in Team Z

    By: Ed Zerkle

    *Note:  Pool Closures start this week.  Please note the Pool Closure Information below and update your personal calendars.  At one point – many of our main Virginia Pools will all be closed at the same time.  We have secured a few extra weeks at an outdoor 50 meter pool in Springfield.  It may take a little extra time -but it is a 50 meter pool…outside.  Worth the effort.

    ** This is also the time of year where many of our swim coaches have vacation or various other commitments.  So… Va folks – I move around to help cover gaps.  I will be at Chinquapin on Tues morning of this week, then at Providence on Thursday morning.

    In this email:  

    • Important Announcements for this week
    • High Level Overview of the Activities for this week (M-F)
    • High Level Overview of the Activities for this weekend (Sat-Sun)
    • Arlington Weekly Activities Details and Directions
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    • West Weekly Activities Details and Directions

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