August 3, 2016

2016 Ironman Md Aid Station and Team Z 2017 Ironman and 70.3 A Races

If you and or family members/friends are interested in volunteering for the Team Z Run Aid station at Ironman Maryland on Oct 1 ”“ please hit the following poll:

I’m thinking we’ll do a disco theme with disco costumes, a mirror ball, and Saturday night fever tunes.   We’ll have a line (like the mount/dismount line) and call it “Entering Dance Zone:   Bonus points for wiggling it the best you can”.   You can also vote that you hate my idea ”“ but of course ”“ then you’d have to click on the poll and vote!   J


Our 2017  Ironman (and end of Season 70.3) A races are:

Team Z will race Ironman North Carolina and Ironman Louisville as team races for next year.

Between the two races more than 50% of the votes were cast.   Louisville is not flat, North Carolina is flat.   NC is not the same course as its predecessor “Beach to Battleship” ”“ but it is still in Wilmington NC.  For the first time, Ironman is offering a 70.3 the same weekend and location as the 140.6 for NC.   So ”“ our 2017 70.3 END OF THE SEASON A race will be North Carolina 70.3.  There is another poll up to let everyone show us your interest for next year.   Your vote is not a commitment ”“ it is what you would like to see yourself doing with us at the end of the 2017 season.   You can change your votes on the poll.   You can change your mind 6 months from now.

Please hit the following poll to let us know what you THINK your plans are, or what you’d like them to be for the end of 2017:

If you do not plan to race one of these ”“ please do not vote to skew our results.   There will be other team A race(s) aside from these events ”“ so don’t think you are excluded at the sprint/Olympic or local level.   We will have additional end of season A races ”“ and we will have mid season A races.     We’ve just not picked those races yet.

  • Ironman(the full) NC is on 10/29
  • Ironman 70.3 NC is on 10/28 (or 10/29) ”“ same course (so cool, this will be a sick race weekend for this team)
  • Ironman Louisville has moved the race date back in the season and is now on 10/8/17

We like this result as we will be able to train almost completely as one team, even with the two race dates.   This is way more fun, and ”“ way less stress on our ride leaders, workout leaders, sag drivers ”“ etc.   Combining the 70.3 and 140.6 races on a flat NC course and on the same weekend ”“ this race is a VIRTUAL REALITY FOR EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO IS A MEMBER OF THIS TEAM AS OF TODAY.   Normally we don’t have options shorter than the 140.6.   But with the 70.3 being flat, and more than 14 months away ”“ every single person on this team could set the goal and be ready to race on the same weekend.   Alexis and I are super pumped about this race.   NC had more than 1/3 of the total votes on our Ironman Poll ”“ and with the 70.3 its going to be a Team Z Race to remember.   I’m so looking forward to it.


Please hit the following poll: