March 16, 2017

2017 Kinetic Triathlon (Half and International are close to full). Get in while you can!

The Kinetic Half Iron and International Distance Race is filling up.

  • There are just over 100 spots remaining in the Saturday Kinetic Half Iron AND International.
  • Remember that this year Greg added an international distance to the same day/field as the traditional Saturday Half Iron.
  • It’s the same field limit (800) per day – not 800 for the int and then 800 for the half.  They are added together.
  • There are plenty of spaces in the Sunday Sprint Distance.

Remember that all triathlons are not “focus” or “A” races…  The Kinetic triathlon has been our first open water race of the season for many years running.  The event and venue are awesome.  You just have to remember that the race is very early in the season, and you should consider it a “high quality work out in a really cool race environment”.

The only people who should enter the half are those who know they have the fitness to complete it in a few weeks.  You will have 7 weeks from April 1 to  be running 11/12 miles and riding 50-60.  With that volume the race will be difficult, you might consider the aquabike.  Or give it a shot – it is a three loop run and there is no shame in shutting it down after a “high quality brick workout”.  Swim, Bike, Beer Brick.

Everyone else interested…  Keep in mind you also have 7 weeks to be ready for the race (long run and ride are key).  So if you start at 2-3 miles of running on April 1, you would be at around 4 or 5 at May 13/14.  You could do the sprint.

If you are not ready for the full race on your own, you can consider the “aqua bike” at each distance.  That is you do the swim and the bike only.

Finally – you could consider a relay at any distance.  Email Jennifer Medina if you would like a spot (you pick the leg and the distance, we find the partners).  Relays that we put together are for fun and experience only.  Fast Relays find themselves…