March 14, 2017

2017 Team Z Shamrock Race Weekend

Please make sure to….

Vote on the shamrock race  poll.  Please vote on the poll if you have not indicated that you are racing.  Please check (the poll name is long – “are you registered for the …. Va beach shamrock 8k, 13.1, 26.2?”  Please double check.

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  • Weekend Map
  • Weather
  • Friday
  • Saturday
  • Sunday
  • Monday

Here is my cell phone number. Please save to your phone:  703-200-3081


Team Z Overview Map for the Weekend: Click on Me


Extended forecast  


  • 6 AM 10 mph winds with real feel temps of 35 degrees.
  • 8k Race Time Temperatures, real feel of 35 degrees with winds at 15 mph.


  • 5 AM 15 mph winds with gusts to 30 mph.  Real feel temperature at 5 am is 36 degrees.
  • 1/2 Marathon Race Temps are 34 degrees with winds at 20-30 mph.
  • Marathon start temps real feel of 38 or so.   Temperatures rise to 48 by 11 am, but with wind chill it is still 39 or 40 degrees.




If you plan to travel Friday, I strongly, strongly, STRONGLY suggest that you consider arriving by noon if possible. Traffic is brutal after 3PM and I-64 is two lanes until you get to Hampton. You also have to deal with the Hampton Roads Tunnel that frequently backs up. There are no guarantees but your odds of avoiding traffic greatly increase the earlier you leave.

Arrive early and get some lunch. The Expo opens at 12 PM so you can head there while it’s less crowded and then chill.

Casual Friday Dinner

There are no reservations . We will gather in a place where libations are available.  We’ll get our names in and take tables as appropriate.

  • Where: 1608 Crafthouse
  • When: Friday, March 18 at 6:00 PM for libations.  Seated by 7:00 PM
  • Website:
  • Yelp:
  • Address :1608 Pleasure House Rd. Phone: (757) 965-4510
  • Google Map/Directions Link:

Packet Pickup: Friday, March 18 from 12-9:00 PM



8k Racers – Optional meet at the Neptune Statue – 7:15 AM, leave at 7:30 AM to walk to race start at 7:45 AM.  Post race – bring your medals to the team dinner at Ynot Italian.

Here is a map of the 8k  start line with corals and bag drop.

Packet Pick up for half and full marathon is from 10-5:00 PM on Saturday

Saturday Night Dinner

  • Where:  Ynot Italian
  • When: Saturday Evening, 3:45  PM
  • Website:
  • Address: 3316 Atlantic Ave,  Virginia Beach, VA 23451
  • Phone: Contact: 757-213-0600



Review the weekend overview map

This is a race map to the start line/bag drop for the half marathon

This is a race map to the start line/bag drop for the marathon

If you plan to race or cheer on Sunday, please meet  at the BB&T parking lot before the race.  I will be there from 5:30 to 8:00 AM. I will have a tent, tent walls, some chairs and possibly a propane heater. You will be dry and warm. This location is 3 blocks from the Marathon start line and 4 blocks from where the corrals begin for the half marathon.

  • Address: 3450 Pacific Ave. Virginia Beach, VA 23451
  • Google map

Just like the advice for the DC RNR Bring plenty of food and drink before the race (body works harder to try and stay warm).  That is in addition to your race nutrition.  I would highly suggest using the race bag drop.  That way you have warm / dry clothes for after the race regardless of where you go or who you are looking for.  Plan to bring plenty of extra clothes to wear over your race kit from the time you drop off your gear bag until you head to the team z tent until you head to the start line. only shed layers as you need to when you are warmed up. Do not shed them thinking that you will warm…be careful. Then make sure to carry that wind breaker/trash bag/hat/gloves/extra hand warmers/etc – take things with you.  Do not just assume you will be ok.  Become a boyscout if only for one day.   When you have the wind in your face you are 2 x colder than the wind at your back.  Be prepared.

After the race starts, I will need help breaking down the HQ and packing up. I plan to head out on the course with my car.  We encourage your friends and family to move around and wear team green.

Reminder that this is not  a triathlon event where staying in one place allows us to have food/shelter/etc for friends and family during the entire race.  Many roads on/near the course are closed making it difficult to move around if not on a bike.

I encourage everyone to make sure their supporters are prepared with money, clothes, drink, and a good idea of where they are so they can find food/shelter/coffee/etc.  We don’t have many spectators coming unless they are your family or friends. Race, have fun, “Shamrock on”- and we’ll see you at the finish line.

Having said this”¦

If people want to organize some grass-roots cheering groups, plan to meet after the dinner on Saturday. You may want to decide on a location or two for cheer stations. You may want to bring your own bikes and helmets or rent them at the beach to be able to move around easily.

Bike rentals are available at several locations on the boardwalk. I’ve never rented a bike there so I can’t really endorse one over the other. These are some suggestions: Ocean Waves, 3210 Atlantic Avenue, 757-428-2430 and Quick Food Market, 2126 Atlantic Avenue, 757-425-1368.

Parking: Even though this is Va bch’s slow season, parking can be tight – so always leave time to find street parking or be prepared for pay lots. THIS IS THE BEACH.

At your race finish: You will go through the finishers chute (long) and enter the beach and into one end of the tent. Get some food and beer (free for racers) and meet us inside to the right of the stage where the band will be playing. We’ll basically just hang out and chill on the beach and at the party.

Post-Race/Post Race Tent Celebration: Yard House. On your way out of town, please stop by and have some lunch and a beer to celebrate your race.

  • When: Sunday at 2:00 PM.
  • Where: Yard House
  • Phone #(757) 490-9273
  • Address:  4549 Commerce Street Suite 100 Virginia Beach,VA 23462