February 3, 2016

In this email:

  1.  Update to Saturday Run Location (4th st bridge should say 14th st bridge)
  2.  Reminder: Tonight’s social run replaced by track workout due to snow
  3.  Thurs swims – for new Zrs.  If you need help, which pool – who are you looking for?

  1. One update in the weekend email. For the group run Saturday – for “where to meet” in one spot it says “4th st bridge”. Its 14th.   But that’s correct in most places ”“ just in case for the new people to town.
  1. Reminder ”“ from the Monday email that tonight’s social run was replaced by the track workouts. The track workouts are a make up from the weekend ”“ snow roll down victim.
  1. As mentioned ”“ if you are new to swimming there are very qualified coaches at all of our pools. However ”“ some of those pools do not have adequate lane space for introducing people to the pool.   So we prefer that you stick with these four pools for “intro level” swimming.   Even if you can swim, but are nervous ”“ still welcome to these so we can explain how it works and basically just make you feel more comfortable at other locations where you will definitely be sharing a lane!
  • Alexis will be at UDC Vaness (6 AM)
  • Ed will be at Providence (5:30 AM) (I know I have three coming so far)
  • Dominic will be at Spring Hill (5:15 AM)
  • Ed will be at Claude Moore tomorrow night (8-9:00 PM)

Of all of our sites, If these are not the most convenient I think you will find value to starting at one of these if you are new or nervous in any way.   Please just reach out and tell me where you plan to be and I’ll make sure to introduce you or meet you at that facility.

? about your ability?   If you can swim for 40-60 minutes without stopping right now, you are probably going to be just fine.   We have people of all speeds at most pools.   But in the facilities listed above we have uber space.   We can work you up to that capability and then you can fly like an eagle.  If you can swim for 40-60 but you are new to group swimming/masters ”“ just be sure to introduce yourself to the coach and tell them you are new to L4/Team Z and need a few pointers on how everything works.   Have them help to find you a lane, etc.