January 18, 2017

The weekend of 1/21 and 1/22 – Red Nose Run weekend

Hey guys – vice a poll for this weekend,

  • We will use EventBrite  for RSVPing to both the run and ride this weekend.
  • There are a bunch of “free tickets” which you will “buy” to let us know your plans for the weekend (running how far, riding on sunday and how far, etc).

The Red Nose Run on Saturday is a special Team Z group run/event –  See the details below…


In this email:

  1. Red Nose Run Explanation
  2. Saturday Red Nose Run Details (location, etc) (7:30 am start for long runners, 8:30  am start for anyone running 10 miles or less) at The Club House for “The West Village of Shirlington” condos.
  3. Sunday Ride.  9:00 AM at Riley’s Lock


Red Nose Run Explanation

For those new to our team, a red nose run is a “team z produced” event designed to allow our athletes have a race “simulated” environment at key run workout dates.   During the winter, races are scarce due to the risk of weather.   So we put on our own “race”.   Everyone can win.   You simply come and run the distance that is prescribed on your training plan.  There are two divisions.

  • 10 miles or under – Red Nose Division
  • 11 miles or over – Runny Nose Division

At “registration” (on site), you will tell us how far you plan to run and what you predict your total finish time to be.   The winner of the race is the person who comes closest to their predicted time (divided by the total miles run). You are not allowed to wear your HRM or watch.

If you are running with us on Saturday, it is a $13 “entry fee”.  What do you get for your entry?

  • Helps cover  the cost of the rental
  • Team Z will donate 20%  of the entry fees to Strike Out MS
  • The prize for the winner of each division is one month Team Z Dues.
  • Each Entry receives one raffle ticket for small prizes such as gift certificates to restaurants and other local establishments, training nutrition products, training DVD’s…and more.
  • Included in the raffle will be free race entries (trying to lock down a Rev 3 entry as well as a VTSMTS entry)
  • We will have an aid station (if we get enough volunteers) which you will pass on each out and back.  Soda, Water, Various Chips, Combos, Cookies, Chicken Broth.
  • Pre and Post Run Coffee/Soda/water
  • Post Run Potatoes and Chili (Beef, Turkey, and Veggie) with all the fixens.  Additional sides like garlic bread, cookies, and whatever else I can whip up.
  • There may be some adult beverage for your coffee or Tomato Juice – but you’ll have to ask for that on the DL.

This event  serves as a fundraiser for Strike Out MS.  You will  have the option on Event Brite to donate additional $ in exchange for additional raffle tickets.  $10 for 2  additional tickets.  $20 for 5 additional tickets. $40 for “wing span” (finger tip to finger tip).

We can use volunteers.  You don’t have to be running to volunteer to help out.  And you can help set up if you are an 8:30 am runner, take down if you are a 7:30 AM runner…etc.  For the aid station we would do shifts.  2 hours each (around there).  We could use “timers”, “Registration Folks”, Etc.  Please let me know if you can help and we’ll coordinate the volunteers.  You can also bring family if they would like to help out, be a part of the raffle, etc.


Saturday Red Nose Run Details (location, etc)

  • When: Check in starts at 7:15 or so…Saturday
  • When: Saturday – 7:30  am for anyone over 11 miles
  • When: Saturday – 8:30 am start for anyone 10 miles or under
  • Where (look at this link for address, google maps and pictures to help orient yourself):  The West Village of Shirlington (Club House)

Bring with you a towel and change of clothes.  Please be mindful of your shoes – this place is nice so be prepared to change/take them off if we are tracking in “stuff”.   There is a bathroom onsite.

Please “Vote” on EventBrite  if you plan to come, run, or volunteer.


Sunday Ride, Riley’s Lock 9 AM

The Ride distances will vary from 17 to 61 miles.  The hardest hill is the first one on the ride, so keep your chin up!

Please “Vote” on EventBrite  if you plan to come