February 20, 2017

*Note:  Talia and I are leaving for CT this afternoon for a death in her family.  We are not sure when we will return, likely later in the week/weekend.  I will check my email periodically, but please call or text me if there is something urgent.

General questions about the week, weekend, triathlon…and any additional curiosities… try emailing the list! The email address is Community@lists.triteamz.com

In this email: THIS EMAIL COVERS BOTH THE WEEK, AND THE WEEKEND (normally they are two separate blog posts/emails)

  1. Important Updates for THIS week (please read!)
  2. Overview and Reminders of M-F workouts for this week
  3.  Saturday Group Run: 9:00-11:00 AM at Pierce Mill, Rock Creek Park
  4. Sunday Group Ride: 9:00-11:00 AM at Falls Church High School
  5. In addition to this email in your “in box”…three additional ways to access Team Z Activity Details and Directions


1. Important Updates for THIS week (please read!)

  • Please  update the polls on Va Beach Shamrock weekend or DC RNR.  Are you racing?  And would you be interested in joining in a pre-race pasta dinners/social?  Please let me know if you are interested in joining in, and if you are bringing a guest (or several).
  • Please also update the 70.3 NC and 140.6 Louisville Polls.
  • The group ride for Sunday is being moved to Falls Church High School. Still at 9:00 AM.
  • NOTE THE POTENTIAL DETOUR for Saturday Group Run (instructions in the details below).


2. Overview and Reminders of M-F workouts for this week







3.  The Group Run for Saturday: 9:00 AM at Pierce Mill, Rock Creek Park

  • When.  9:00  – 11:00 AM
  • Where:      Pierce Mill   Rock Creek Park
  • AWOL/Workout Leads: Jimmy, Jen, Karl
  • Cue sheet:  This is not for directions, just for mileage to give you an idea of landmarks along the way. Click on me.

This is a beautiful run on closed roads in the heart of Rock Creek Park.  You will run a gentle uphill along side of the creek on the way out.  And again on the way home…  This is an out and back, no need for a cue sheet.  Please see directions link above for parking and lay of the land.

The longest run this weekend should be 12 miles, or 2 hours…whichever you get to first.  If you are going to run longer than 2 hours, please start early.

DETOUR INSTRUCTIONS:  The road is closed exactly at the intersection of Beach Drive and Rock Creek Park.  Based on the direction you come (GPS takes you), you may be affected by this road closure.  If you are, please follow the below guidance…

  • Take the very next right off of Rock Creek Parkway after the road closure onto Cathedral Ave.
  • Follow Cathedral Ave for about a 1/2 mile. At the first stoplight, turn right on Connecticut Ave.
  • Go past the Zoo, past Cleveland Park, and turn right on Tilden Road.
    Follow Tilden Road down a big hill.
  • The Pierce Mill Parking lot will be on the right at the bottom of the hill.


4.  The Group Ride for Sunday: 9:00 AM at  Falls Church High School

This is an inside the beltway ride.  The ride is entirely inside Falls Church and Annandale neighborhoods.  There are some hills, but you should ride them slowly SO THEY DON’T HURT!  Ride sllllloooowww up a hill in the easiest gear you have.  Do not race, do not chase people.

This is a great ride for inside the beltway, there is a ton of help if you’d like an escort.   If you fall in this category, please indicate so on the poll. Plenty of places to grab a bite after (Celebrity Deli is my choice).


5.  In addition to this email in your “in box”…three  additional ways to access Team Z Activity Details and Directions

First: Setting your Personal Team Z Home Page to represent Workout Locations and Activities

Second: Finding Information about Team Z Workout Locations or Training Schedules “on the go”.

Third:  An archive of this email is captured on our member only website in the Coach Ed’ Communication Mailing List OR Coach’s Comms Blog Post.