June 17, 2014

70.3 Mont Tremblant Triathlon – Race Weekend plans for Team Z

EventBrite Tickets for Race Day (The password is TeamZRules1) Please jump on it. Thank you! 🙂


  • Cell Phone – don’t forget your international voice, data, messaging…turn off data roam, etc.
  • Weather – This is the mountains. I hope I don’t have to remind you that weather can change in an instant, and the changes can be violent. We are looking at lows in the 50’s and highs in the 70’s.     Bring Rain Gear. Bring your arm warmers and booties, toe warmers/gloves, hats – etc. Just bring it.     I went to a 1/2 Ironman at Tupper Lake, NY in June one year (just 20 minutes from lake placid, but way south of Mt Tremblant). On race morning it was in the 30’s. There was ICE on our windshield. I had to drop huge coin on clothes I already had at home – but left there.     I was a tool. Don’t be a tool. You just never know.
  • Passports – Don’t forget them.
  • Cue sheets – I will bring a few copies – feel free to print (those of you who want to ride the course on Saturday) your own copy. I have put the cue sheet that we will use (there may be other versions out there on the web) in our “This weekend’s updated cue sheet folder”.
  • Dogs – I’m bringing Zoe, and I’m not sure if Mark was serious about bringing his pup. But – I just thought I’d pass along that I do not think you need anything to get them into Canada. But just in case I had our vet (Team Zr Kiki Zyga who rocks) fill out a US Dep of Agriculture – US Interstate and International Certificate of Health Exam for small animals. It has her shots records, etc. Zoe has her own passport!
  • Saturday Team Ride for people there to train – 1 loop Ironman Course (which is slightly longer than the half Iron course, and a hair different). Meet at “Bike Out” in the transition area at 8 am. That leaves you 8 hours to be home, showered, and then at the team dinner at 4:30. 60 miles. It will be done. Don’t forget – I do not know about stores/food/water. Prepare. Prepare. Prepare. Bring an extra bottle, or two.
  • Saturday – Pre Race Brick for people racing – obviously this is optional. Check in is from 10-5, bike racking (mandatory) is from 10-5. I suggest we meet at the swim start with your bikes/gear at 9:00 AM. I do not see that there is an official pre-race swim. We’ll scout the situation, and if swimming is allowed you can do a short swim, then bike, then run. (10′, 20′, 10′). I will stay at the swim start and watch your things. After the brick – you can go to check in or rack your bike.
  • Saturday Dinner – I have not confirmed this place yet – but it is ranked #14 of 111 restaurants in Mt Tremblant. The manager is to call me tomorrow to determine if they can seat us. It is less than $20/main dish. It is a smaller place – we will seat as we arrive and just fill in at tables. We want to beat the rush, help out the staff – we will try to be there early (4:30) if they will have us. Obviously, I will confirm by email.
  1. PizzaTeria
  2. Website
  3. Address: 118 ch. Kandahar Mont Tremblant Station, Quebec
  4. Phone: 819.681.4522
  5. Menu
  6. When – planning for 4:30 on Saturday.
  7. Event Brite – Vote for free ticket so I can help them plan for us (Password is TeamZRules1)
  • Sunday Race Day – Breakfast will be at the team tents (not sure where that is yet) at 5:30 AM. Transition opens at 5, the race starts at 7.
  • Sunday – Post Race Celebration – I don’t know where yet. I have to check the place out when I get there. More to come.