December 9, 2016

Are you behind on long run mileage? No fear – start from here! What did you say about other gear?

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  1. I’m behind on the winter training for the March Races ”“ What do I do?   NO FEAR ”“ START FROM HERE
  2. What is the deal with recovery weeks and no group workouts?
  3. I’d like some help in how to shop for, or buy, a new bike”¦
  4. I’d like some help with picking out swimming gear, or figuring out where to start in terms of coming to swim practice
  5. I’d like some help in how to dress for winter riding, what could I buy ”“ or how could I avoid buying as much as possible?


  1. So ”“ you are behind on long run volume for the weekends? Never fear ”“ start from here! I have developed “updated” volume schedules for long runs on weekends from here until we race at the end of the winter. There are “late start” guidelines for all March target races:  The local Scope it out 5k, The Va Beach Shamrock 8k/half marathon/marathon, and the local DC RnR Half/Full Marathons.   I have built 1 or 2 updated plans for each of the races, and each distance.   There is only 1 updated option for the local DC RnR ½ or full b/c there is one less week to prepare.   To give you an idea of where you could start this weekend ”“ below is an idea of where each program starts, etc.

It happens. Every Year”¦

  • We are resting on our laurels from the fitness we gained during the summer and find ourselves a bit “dusty” from a few extra weeks off ”“ more than we planned.
  • Or, maybe starting with the team was a little more than expected and I’m not certain where to begin, or what to do first.

NO WORRIES.   We still have plenty of time to prepare you (more than adequately) for this March races.   But, the plans are starting to become a bit more aggressive as time passes and we have less and less weeks to get you on the program.  

  • So ”“ START THIS WEEKEND!   Come to the group run on Saturday, come to the group ride on Sunday.

Why “NO FEAR?”   It is because the make-up long run volumes START FROM HERE!

Scope it out 5k/Shamrock 8k: Plans start as low as 2 miles this weekend (run or run/walk). Some stay as low as 3 miles or less until February.   Some are more aggressive.

If you want to run the ½ Marathons: Plans start as low as 3 miles this weekend (run or run/walk).  That program won’t run 8 miles until February.

If you want to run Shamrock Full Marathon: Plans start at 6 miles run/run walk this weekend.

If you want to run the DC RNR Marathon: Plans start at 8 miles this weekend.

Find your new “make-up” training plans and guidance here:


  1. Question Answered: I am trying to plan for the week of 12/12-12/19 ….so there is no evening weeknight group spin or evening track sessions?
    • That is correct. On recovery weeks (every third week), we cut our volume in half (or more) and eliminate nearly all intensity.  We take the recovery week as a time to relax in terms of trying to fit in workouts.   This helps us reduce stress, maybe spend more time with family and friends, etc.
    • Recovery weeks for this winter are (this is a Monday, the week following this date is a recovery week):   Dec 19, Jan 9, Jan 30, Feb 20


  1. So, I’d like some help in buying or searching for a new bike.   I’d like to get hooked up with some guidance ”“ I’ll vote on the poll. Coach Ed will coordinate the effort on a group, or individual level.

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  1. This sport is crazy ”“ I’d like some help with Swimming Gear/Workouts ”“
    • I’d like some help in picking out appropriate training suits, goggles, caps (and the like) for Team Z Swim Practices.   I’ll vote on the poll so we can hook up with some guidance and maybe take a field trip to the Sport Fair.
    • I’ve not been to a workout yet, would like to speak with Coach Ed about how to get in the mix”¦
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  1. I’d like some help understanding what to wear on long weekend runs and rides, what could I buy or what could I get away with not buying?