February 13, 2015

Changes to Weekend Plans for February 14 -15, 2015

Saturday there is chance of rain and snow until 2, then snow after.   Wind gusts in the 20’s with temps in the 20’s.   Sunday is high of 17 with real feel of -10.   Gust of wind in the 50’s. This is not good riding weather.     Saturday should be bearable for running with temps rising above 30 by 10 am.     And the snow is not start to hit until after noon/2pm.

  • We will keep our Saturday Run ”“ at Fletchers @ 9 am.     I wish my Achilles was playing along ”“ for some reason one of my favorite winter runs is out of Fletchers. The other is out of/near Roosevelt Island on the other side of the river.   I think I like the river.   But what I really like ”“ is that the “posers” stay home.   J Its quiet ”“ and if you dress right ”“ just plain awesome.
  • SEE THE WEEKEND EMAIL FOR DIRECTIONS/ETC to the Saturday run.   It is all still accurate.
  • Leave your excuses behind.   I’d literally wash your car every day for a month to be able to go out and run with   my dog right now.   Don’t waste your opportunity.     Go run, you know you won’t regret it and I’ll be fricking proud of you.


Then ”“ go home and get warm.     Light that fire and have your car packed for”¦.


  • Sunday Team Indoor Spin ”“ at the EAC ”“ 9 until 11:30/45.     Big thanks to Kerri and Andy (Cicero, owner of Rise Above Cycles ”“ he is the bike fitter/mechanic who works at the EAC). They called and offered the use of their space again.

o     Andy will be there to open the doors around 8:15.

o     Movie starts at 9.     We had 40 people last spin/movie ”“ this place has plenty of space so lets get 50-60.

o     You are welcome to come and go as you please, but try to be there on time for the movie if you can so you don’t distract everyone.

o     Andy mentioned he’d bring his stand and tools upstairs. So if anyone wants minor stuff he can help you for free of charge (very nice of him).   If there is anything more than a little tweak here or there ”“ he’ll talk with you about a small fee/parts/etc.

o     Andy does major and minor bike tune ups as well as general maintenance and specialized bike fittings.     If you want to try the smaller shop ”“ give him the chance.   He works out of the EAC, and his home.   https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rise-Above-Cycles/117736618292927

o     Directions:   http://enduracenter.com/contact/