January 18, 2013

Chris Wren in Tri DC

As a fellow member of Team Z, I have known Chris for a few years. The first thing you learn about Chris is what a great guy he is. That is, for as long as you can keep up with him, which isn’t very long. Chris can beat just about anyone on the team at any event. He also happens to be 60 years old. Teammates give Chris a bit of grief about his age, all the while knowing Chris can kick their butts.”¨”¨If you hang around the team very long, you also notice that Chris never misses a workout.

I doubt there has ever been a group workout that I have been to that Chris has failed to show up for. Chris followed the Team Z plan to an age group championship at Lake Placid in 2008. With his ticket to Kona, Chris sought the help of renowned Annapolis triathlon coach Ken Mierke to give him the individual coaching he needed to do his best at the main event. Chris credits his success to great coaching and following the plan.”¨”¨For those of us following him during the race, the smile on his face said it all ”“ Chris was having the race of his life. Chris was running in 3rd place in his age group until mile 6 of the run. That is when severe cramping in his calf caused him to slow. This was likely caused by a sodium deficiency. After getting the electrolyte levels back up, Chris was able to finish strong. He placed 8th in his age group and 3rd American in his age group. Chris plans to be back next year with dreams of a podium finish.